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July 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

Summertime action has been hot at Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica! This is by far the best June fishing I have ever seen in my sixteen years at Crocodile Bay. The blue water has been just a couple of miles off the beach, and the sailfish have been here in pretty decent numbers. Yesterday, we had a boat raise eight sailfish and release three of them. As you will see in the video, it is not just the sailfish, but some excellent Marlin fishing as well. We do not typically see this many billfish in June, so I am super happy to have so many excited customers.

Crocodile Bay Employee of the Month – Floribeth Valverde Quiros – Bar and Restaurant Supervisor

Floribeth Valverde Quiros (Nicknamed “Flory”) is one of our most recognized employees as she’s been working in the restaurant and bar of Crocodile Bay for 18 years. Flory has lived almost her whole life on the Osa Peninsula, as her entire family relocated here when she was only 3 years old. In 2001, just after graduating high school, she started working at Crocodile Bay.

Crocodile Bay Resort – Ranked Second Best of the Top 6 Family Fishing Destinations in the World by Sport Fishing Magazine

Family vacations are all about reconnecting with loved ones, experiencing new adventures and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Crocodile Bay Resort is nestled in a region of Costa Rica that is abundant with nature in its purest form. There is no better environment to explore with your family and to open the mind of a child to the power of nature. While Crocodile Bay has been known for its world-class sport fishing for the last 20 years, there is now so much more to discover with the entire family.

June 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

The excitement continues at Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica with solid offshore marlin fishing and good inshore roosterfish action. This has been an interesting May, to say the least. Historically, we tend to see a slower billfish bite as we are transitioning out of the dry season. However, this year the offshore currents have kept the blue-water closer and a good number of baitfish have been consistently around the current lines.

Crocodile Bay Employee of the Month – Fishing Captain Anthony Santos

Anthony Santos is one of our fishing captains at Crocodile Bay Resort and he has been working at Crocodile Bay for the better part of 14 years. He is also Olimpia’s son and is originally from Panama. In Panama his specialty was the ‘Art of Fly fishing’ and he honored his skill while working for a fly-fishing company. From the very beginning at Crocodile Bay, Anthony absorbed as much fishing knowledge from the other captains as he could. They taught him how to catch roosterfish and the other inshore Costa Rican fish species. But it was the colorful roosterfish that impressed him the most, because of its power and will to fight.

May Eco-Report – 5 More Incredible Reasons to Visit Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

We decided to list 5 more incredible reasons to visit us here on the Osa Peninsula at Crocodile Bay, a place where you may wish to come for the fishing, but you’ll stay for the opportunity to stand with Mother Nature and share in all the energy of this magical place. In 2019, Crocodile Bay Resort has ushered in a tackle box of new possibilities and experiences.

May 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

The action in April has been great! As I mentioned in the March fishing report, we sometimes get a run of marlin in mid-April and this year we were not disappointed. Large numbers of baby dorado moved onto the current lines offshore and with them came the marlin and a nice concentration of sailfish. Several boats were posting double-digit raises on the colorful sailfish and the powerful marlin in a single day. 

Meet “Olimpia – Our Mother, Nuestra Madre” here at Crocodile Bay Resort

Olimpia Ofelia Rhoden Branker (her nickname is “Oli”) is an icon here at Crocodile Bay Resort. Olimpia learned to be a professional licensed dietitian (nutritionist), but here at Crocodile Bay Resort, she is the main hostess and head of client services. She’s been with the resort for 11 years now (since 2008) and has worked for over 25 years in sportfishing resorts and hotels.

April Eco-Report – The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

At this time of year, many of the inquiries about vacationing at Crocodile Bay Resort are about our ‘Green Season’. We call it ‘Green’ because it is the time of year when everything comes alive on the Osa Peninsula, and the afternoon showers revive both the flora and the fauna. And where the shades of green are so numerous they are impossible to count. 

April 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

The offshore action continues at Crocodile Bay Resort. The weather has been fantastic with clear skies and light offshore breezes. An abundance of bait has been holding in the blue water for weeks now and the sailfish along with the marlin have been taking advantage. Most days the bite has been early and late in the day, but there were several “wide open” days when the dolphins, sailfish and tuna all moved in on the bait and the action was non stop.

Relaxation Month at Crocodile Bay Resort

After one of the many colourful adventures you can experience at Crocodile Bay Resort, offer your partner the keys to our spa. This special will open up all our amazing treatments from massage to skin care to our new manicure treatment. Just imagine a ‘Volcanic Clay Body Wrap’ or ‘Chocolate Massage’. Treat that special person in your life to something very special.