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macawshp222Costa Rica Eco Tours and Expeditions at Crocodile Bay Resort

No other resort offers such a complete range of adventures both on the ocean and in the rainforest. Each unforgettable experience is carefully planned and overseen by Dennis Atencio, Director of Expeditions. Dennis is certified within the Osa Peninsula Conservation Area (ACOSA) by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute as an Ecological Guide. He and his full-time staff will safely bring you as close to nature as you’re willing to get. Expeditions have been expertly crafted within four distinct habitats with all skill levels in mind. From white-knuckle thrills to awe-inspiring sightseeing, there’s so much to explore. Not sure where to start? With the extreme caliber of the Costa Rican coastline, you owe it to yourself to experience at least one adventure from each habitat. But that’s just the beginning!

Rainforest Expeditions

ecohome555Pause for a moment and in the stillness the rainforest comes to life. It’s a living, breathing being full of life and ready to be explored. Take this opportunity to walk among the world’s most amazing wildlife and experience nature at its purest. Discover the four unique monkey species native to Costa Rica. Then scale a rocky river gorge to Quebrada Clarita waterfall before you rappel down its moss-covered wall.

• Corcovado National Park Rainforest
• Osa Peninsula Matapalo Rainforest
• Jungle Night Walk
• Primate Tour
• Reptiles & Amphibians Exploration

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Osa Peninsula Expeditions

Within the Osa Peninsula exists Central America’s largest swath of intact lowland rainforest on the Pacific coast and home to an estimated 250,000 of all the living species in the world. And now it becomes your personal playground. Grab your zip line and breeze through the rainforest canopy from a 160-foot platform. Then surround yourself with color and grace of a butterfly farm searching for the elusive Blue Morpho butterfly.ecohome32

• Bird Watching
• Finca Kobo Chocolate Farm
• Finca Raices de Osa (sustainable local
Costa Rican family farm)
• Horseback Riding
• Miramar Canopy Zip Line
• Osa Palmas Canopy Zip Line
• Butterfly Farm
• Panning for Gold
• Cross-Country Biking
• Puerto Jimenez Area Biking

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Golfo Dulce Expeditions

As one of only four tropical fjords in the world, its bed is rich with volcanic reefs, crevices and caves that have become the breeding grounds for a staggering variety of marine life. It is believed that the gulf is the only place in the world where the humpback whales from both the northern and southern hemispheres gather to breed. Its calm waters have created the preferred home for super pods of dolphins with numbers up to 10,000.
• Snorkeling
• Paddle Boarding
• Mangrove or Sunset Kayak
• Whale, Dolphin & Turtle watching
• Casa Orqideas Botanical Garden
• Scuba Diving
• Sea Turtle Research Experience
• Osa Wildlife Sanctuary by Boat

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whalePacific Ocean Expeditions

The aquatic adventure that awaits you on the Pacific Ocean
is as limitless as the horizon itself. With only your board
as your witness, ride the legendary Pavones surf break, a
tubular ride of almost a mile—the second longest left-hand
wave in the world. Or, take a slower pace aboard your
kayak to find the giant, gentle whale shark—the largest fish
in the sea, which can reach up to 40 feet.
• Sunset Ocean Kayak
• Surfing Pavones Beach by Boat
• Surfing Matapalo Beach

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