COVID-19 Tests Are Now Available On-Site at Crocodile Bay Resort!

Due to the USA’s new CDC policy requiring all international travelers to provide a negative Covid-19 test result prior to re-entering the country, Crocodile Bay Resort has facilitated a system whereby this service will be provided directly on site at the resort.

The doctor is in the house! This means that there will be no need to interrupt your vacation by venturing to a local doctor’s office for a test. We know that your vacation time is precious and that every minute counts.

What You Need To Know:

  • Our local medical professionals will provide this service to our guests daily, after your adventures in the rainforest or at sea have come to a happy ending. Your test results will be emailed directly to you the day prior to your international flight back home! It is that easy. Our theory is that the less time doing what you must do means you have more time to create memories in the sun, the fresh air, and right here in paradise with your loved ones. “Pura Vida!!” 


In order to increase the amount of confidence that our clients have in making travel plans during these somewhat uncertain times, Crocodile Bay Resort will offer refunds to any clients who cannot travel to their scheduled vacation due to their home state or country being shut down, Costa Rica’s International Airport being closed, or if they themselves have Covid-19. For more information please contact a Crocodile Bay Representative.