Crocodile Bay Resort

Fishing Report – Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica October 23rd, 2014

Crocodile Bay will soon open it's doors for the 16th season…

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for October 2022

Imagine you’re on a boat in the Pacific Ocean off the Southern coast of Costa Rica. You are amazed by the beauty of the tropical views. You are enjoying the pristine and relaxing waters. Suddenly one of the reels starts screaming. “Fish on!” yells the mate. He hands the rod to you and your heart starts pounding as you try to guess what fish you might have on the end of line. Is it a giant black marlin, a blue marlin, a sailfish, or a large yellowfin tuna?

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for September 2022

There are only a few places in the world where you can target roosterfish and blue marlin consistently, and the Osa Peninsula is on the top of that list! During our peak of the green season the bite gets better and better, and the inshore and offshore fishing during this time of the year is amazingly good. There aren’t a lot of places you can catch 15 to 25 roosterfish in one day or raise 2 to 7 marlin in one day, and we can say with pride that Crocodile Bay has held up to those expectations during the last 22 years.

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for August 2022

August is the peak of the tuna season and this past month delivered for our guests, as our anglers landed coolers full of tuna- even a few at 100+lbs. Right now is the best time for hooking gigantic yellowfin tuna, which are drawn to live bait, poppers and top water lures. These big boys are made of pure muscle, so have your own muscles ready for a tug of war. The tuna fishing is only going to get better in Costa Rica with the recent news the government finally passed legislation moving the commercial tuna boats out to 80 miles offshore. Coastal fishing will substantially improve even more in the future as tuna boats were taking many sport fishing species as by-catch.

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for July 2022

This July, our fishing guests at Crocodile Bay were greeted with pleasant weather featuring mostly sunny and calm days and experienced adventures both on and off the water. July was another fantastic month for tuna fishing here at Croc. Bay with a few 100+ lbs yellow tails brought to the boat and the dinner table. The month closed out with a big bang featuring a few more huge tunas and a collection 50+lbs dorados caught in the blue waters offshore. The billfish bite has been a little slow, but the tuna and dorado action made up for the elusive billfish keeping our anglers busy reeling in some of the hardest fighting (and tasty) fish out there.

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for June 2022

Walking down the pier at Crocodile Bay just after dawn to meet your captain and mate for the 1st time is a thrill you’ll never forget. Our guests travel to Crocodile Bay from all over the world because we provide them a fishing experience like no one else can. Our experienced staff have been fishing these Costa Rican waters for most of their lives. We take our guests on a fishing adventure they can’t get at their local fishing spot and guide them to the species they have always wanted to catch.

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for May 2022

May was an exciting month at Crocodile Bay, both on and off the water. The big news in May is that Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton has opened it’s doors on our property. Botánika is the new accommodation offering for Crocodile Bay’s fishing guests.

Crocodile Bay Marina Fishing Report for April 2022

In North America, the spring season is an exciting time ushering in transition and growth. Here in Costa Rica, it’s been a month of big changes, expansions, and transformations for Crocodile Bay too! Starting with our name: Crocodile Bay Resort has evolved into Crocodile Bay Marina. In other huge news: our fishing guests are now enjoying the luxury accommodations and amenities provided by our newly-opened hotel, Botanika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton. The names may have changed, but the fishing remains the heart and soul of our operation at Crocodile Bay.

April 2022 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

The month of March was full of pleasant surprises for our anglers in the water: from great weather, calm seas and exceptional fishing! For the last 3 fishing reports I mentioned how impressive the marlin bite has been this season and it continues to surprise us. The waters around the Osa Peninsula are usually good for blue marlin but the numbers of marlin we have been seeing recently is incredible. It has definitely been the highlight of the month! We have had many anglers scratch marlin off their bucket list. This month alone our fleet raised over 110 blue marlin, giving our anglers more than one shot to hook up the fish-of-a-lifetime.

March 2022 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

I’m happy to report on the fantastic fishing we had at Crocodile Bay in February. The Golfo Dulce continues to pleasantly surprise me with calm seas and a super-hot offshore bite. This February our guests were landing plenty of dorado, wahoo, tuna, sailfish and higher than usual numbers of marlin. We are at the tail end of the dorado season and the big bulls are continuing to smash guests’ baits and lures. It is impressive how the 50+ lbs. bulls will smash lures as violently as a marlin.

February 2022 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

January was fantastic for both inshore and offshore fishing. We started to see a good number of sailfish coming up to our spreads and taking our bait like candy. Also, yellowfin tuna are still coming in which makes for some really fresh sashimi. But the main surprise has been the hot marlin bite: We have had a phenomenal season for marlin, and so many of our guest have been checking it off their bucket list. What makes it even better is raising marlin only 7 to 12 miles offshore.

January 2022 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2022 blesses you with lots of joy, happiness, and of course, many fish! I have to start by saying how impressive marlin fishing has been for the past month.

December 2021 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

November is considered a transitional month as we enter our “verano”, or perhaps better known as Costa Rica’s summer season. This is perhaps one of my favorite months of the year as anglers have an excellent opportunity to target a variety of species coupled with the enjoyment of a rainforest found to be lush, green and awake with wildlife activity. The transition has treated us fairly well this year with bright, beautiful sunny days, calm waters, and of course a bite that continued to surprise us daily.