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Crocodile Bay Fishing Report for February 2024

February is the official start of the sailfish season at Crocodile Bay, and it got off to a great start. Sailfish are one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean reaching speeds of up to 85mph and can travel long distances in one day. These fish are incredibly acrobatic and can put on a great show jumping and flipping in the air when caught. Watching them swim into our spread is always an adrenaline rush. Our anglers had the opportunity to hook up and land multiple sailfish this past month, using dead rigged balihoo, live baits and artificial lures. If you want to hook your own sailfish – right now is the time! With the guidance of our experienced crews, it will be very easy for you to catch your dream sailfish.

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report for January 2024

January brought some serious fishing mojo to our waters! We’re talking about guests reeling in 60+ lbs cubera snappers and massive roosterfish ranging from 40 to 65 lbs. Our inshore action has been off the charts, and we’ve been mixing it up with different techniques like drifting live baits, vertical jigging, slow pitch, fast pitch, and even topwater action with plugs, poppers, and semi-sinking minnows. Seriously, watching those fish blast your lure is an adrenaline rush like no other!

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report for December 2023

As we close the year of 2023, I would like to start by saying thank you to all of our anglers for a spectacular year, and a huge thank you for making us one of the best sportfishing destinations in the world. Our home on the Osa Peninsula is well known for the biodiversity of its rainforests and for its abundant sea life (and amazing fishing), which keeps getting healthier due to Costa Rica’s great marine life protection laws.

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report for November 2023

Greetings from the stunning Osa Peninsula, home to Crocodile Bay and Botánika Resort! The fishing really delivered last month. November flew by and we are already in the holiday spirit here at Crocodile Bay.
While October usually steals the show for dorado, November treated us to double-digit catches almost every day. Dorado (Mahi-Mahi) are swift and can snap up your bait in a flash. And, of course, they’re not just great for the thrill of the catch, but also for a delicious dinner – a win-win for anglers!

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report for August 2023

August had a wonderful start to the month with an abundance of roosterfish, ranging from 20 to 60 lbs. Many ask, “What is the most effective way to target roosterfish?” At Crocodile Bay, what sets us apart is our versatility in targeting these prized fish. We use a variety of techniques, from live bait to jigging and casting artificial lures. Throughout August, due to natural debris from the rains and shifting currents, we noticed that roosterfish were more inclined to go for topwater action. Witnessing them leap out of the water to strike the lure is a thrilling experience. Our guests had a blast.

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report for July 2023

The month of July at Crocodile Bay has been fantastic for our fishing guests! In both inshore and offshore waters, our anglers have experienced steady fishing action with a variety of exciting catches and releases. Inshore, our anglers had the thrill of reeling in countless roosterfish, cubera snappers, groupers, and African pompano. Meanwhile, offshore expeditions proved even more rewarding, with sailfish, marlin, and monster yellowfin tuna making their appearances.

Fishing Expeditions Designed to Meet Your High Expectations

Costa Rica is not just a legendary fishing and vacation destination. At Crocodile Bay, it’s much more than that. We deliver fishing expeditions to meet the highest expectations—adventures that other resorts wouldn’t dare dream of and couldn’t dare offer. With the largest fishing fleet in Costa Rica, we create custom angling packages for anglers of all experience levels and all fantasies. Let us be your guide.