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May 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

The action in April has been great! As I mentioned in the March fishing report, we sometimes get a run of marlin in mid-April and this year we were not disappointed. Large numbers of baby dorado moved onto the current lines offshore and with them came the marlin and a nice concentration of sailfish. Several boats were posting double-digit raises on the colorful sailfish and the powerful marlin in a single day. 

Meet “Olimpia – Our Mother, Nuestra Madre” here at Crocodile Bay Resort

Olimpia Ofelia Rhoden Branker (her nickname is “Oli”) is an icon here at Crocodile Bay Resort. Olimpia learned to be a professional licensed dietitian (nutritionist), but here at Crocodile Bay Resort, she is the main hostess and head of client services. She’s been with the resort for 11 years now (since 2008) and has worked for over 25 years in sportfishing resorts and hotels.

April Eco-Report – The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

At this time of year, many of the inquiries about vacationing at Crocodile Bay Resort are about our ‘Green Season’. We call it ‘Green’ because it is the time of year when everything comes alive on the Osa Peninsula, and the afternoon showers revive both the flora and the fauna. And where the shades of green are so numerous they are impossible to count. 

April 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

The offshore action continues at Crocodile Bay Resort. The weather has been fantastic with clear skies and light offshore breezes. An abundance of bait has been holding in the blue water for weeks now and the sailfish along with the marlin have been taking advantage. Most days the bite has been early and late in the day, but there were several “wide open” days when the dolphins, sailfish and tuna all moved in on the bait and the action was non stop.

Relaxation Month at Crocodile Bay Resort

After one of the many colourful adventures you can experience at Crocodile Bay Resort, offer your partner the keys to our spa. This special will open up all our amazing treatments from massage to skin care to our new manicure treatment. Just imagine a ‘Volcanic Clay Body Wrap’ or ‘Chocolate Massage’. Treat that special person in your life to something very special.

March 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

Great weather continues, with sunny days in the upper eighties and light offshore breezes. The tuna have been around for the last few weeks and there have been some epic feedings with spotted dolphins, tuna, manta rays and sailfish all converging on bait balls. The tuna have been anywhere from ten-pounds all the way up to 200+ lbs. Last week we had an angler, Mr Harris from the UK, that hooked up a big tuna on a Penn 50 International and fought the fish for over three hours in the late afternoon.

Botanical Gardens – Crocodile Bay Resort Eco-Tours

A glorious morning boat ride takes you across the beautiful Golfo Dulce to the largest and most elegantly manicured botanical gardens in the region. This huge family owned garden not only contains the largest collection of orchids in the area, but also gives you an all senses experience of chocolate, cashew, and mango and other tropical fruit trees, many spices like black pepper, vanilla, ginger, and more.

Meet our Welcoming Front Desk Staff at Crocodile Bay Resort

No other resort on the Osa Peninsula offers such a complete range of adventures both on the ocean and in the rainforest. Each unforgettable experience is carefully planned and overseen by Dennis Atencio, Director of Expeditions. Dennis is certified within the Osa Peninsula Conservation Area (ACOSA) by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) as an Ecological Guide. Joining Dennis are Diego and Jose, who are both certified ICT naturalist guides for the southern zone of Costa Rica.

February 2019 – Costa Rica Fishing Report

January historically is a transitional month. The marlin and dorado in November and December begin to taper off and the water temperature rises slightly with sailfish numbers increasing. This month has been basically true to form, though we are still waiting for the big push of sails. There have been some very good days with the sailfish so far this season, including a ten fish release day from one boat.

February Eco-Report

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) have a history of visiting the waters around the Osa Peninsula from January through to May. Whale sharks are the largest of all sharks, and indeed the largest of any fish alive today. They feed on plankton and travel large distances to find enough food to sustain their huge size, and to reproduce. Whale sharks are found in all the tropical oceans of the world.