Fishing Report - Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica October 23rd, 2014

Crocodile Bay will soon open it's doors for the 16th season…

Escape with Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

What’s in a vacation? The dictionary equates it to an escape, a getaway, a breather, or a rest. Here at Crocodile Bay in Costa Rica, we know your vacation time is valuable in more ways than one.Over the last 20 years, Crocodile Bay has evolved from a world-class fishing resort to a premier activity-based destination. As we say, you may wish to come for the fishing, but you’ll stay for the opportunity to share in all the colors of the Osa Peninsula.

The Amazing Whale Migration to the Waters of The Osa Peninsula

On the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, we have two distinct whale migrations: the Southern Antarctic humpback whale (July to November) and the California humpback whale (December to April). Our tropical fiord, the Golfo Dulce, plays a primary role in attracting these giants of the sea, as the warm and clean waters of this gulf make it ideal for raising and nursing the whale calves. When the calf is born, it needs warm waters to accumulate energy as it begins to discover the world around it.

May Eco-Report - 5 More Incredible Reasons to Visit Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

We decided to list 5 more incredible reasons to visit us here on the Osa Peninsula at Crocodile Bay, a place where you may wish to come for the fishing, but you’ll stay for the opportunity to stand with Mother Nature and share in all the energy of this magical place. In 2019, Crocodile Bay Resort has ushered in a tackle box of new possibilities and experiences.

April Eco-Report - The Top 5 Reasons to Visit Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

At this time of year, many of the inquiries about vacationing at Crocodile Bay Resort are about our ‘Green Season’. We call it ‘Green' because it is the time of year when everything comes alive on the Osa Peninsula, and the afternoon showers revive both the flora and the fauna. And where the shades of green are so numerous they are impossible to count. 

March Eco-Report - Photography Workshops at Crocodile Bay Resort

Photography workshops are growing at Crocodile Bay Resort and the reason is simple. The Osa Peninsula is known as the most biodiverse place on Earth, providing thousands of different types of flora and fauna to photograph, and the luxurious facilities at Crocodile Bay are the most comfortable on the Osa.

Botanical Gardens - Crocodile Bay Resort Eco-Tours

A glorious morning boat ride takes you across the beautiful Golfo Dulce to the largest and most elegantly manicured botanical gardens in the region. This huge family owned garden not only contains the largest collection of orchids in the area, but also gives you an all senses experience of chocolate, cashew, and mango and other tropical fruit trees, many spices like black pepper, vanilla, ginger, and more.

Crocodile Bay Resort Eco-Adventures - Cross-Country Mountain Biking

Do you love mountain biking on your active vacation? Then lucky you because Crocodile Bay Resort offers guided cross-country mountain biking on our beautiful Osa Peninsula with ample amounts of trails to explore for both the beginner and the advanced rider alike.

February Eco-Report

Whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) have a history of visiting the waters around the Osa Peninsula from January through to May. Whale sharks are the largest of all sharks, and indeed the largest of any fish alive today. They feed on plankton and travel large distances to find enough food to sustain their huge size, and to reproduce. Whale sharks are found in all the tropical oceans of the world.

January Eco-report

Crocodile Bay Resort is where elite anglers come to discover some of the best inshore and offshore sport fishing experiences in the world. But if you don’t fish, don’t worry because it is also here that families and friends can experience an array of eco adventures and expeditions. And in 2019 Crocodile Bay will add a tackle box full of new possibilities and experiences.