May Eco-Report – 5 More Incredible Reasons to Visit Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

5 More Incredible Reasons to Visit Crocodile Bay Resort in Costa Rica

At this time of year, many of the inquiries about vacationing at Crocodile Bay Resort are about our ‘Green Season’. We call it ‘Green’ because it is the time of year when everything comes alive on the Osa Peninsula, and the afternoon showers revive both the flora and the fauna.  And where the shades of green are so numerous they are impossible to count. 

We decided to list 5 more incredible reasons to visit us here on the Osa Peninsula at Crocodile Bay, a place where you may wish to come for the fishing, but you’ll stay for the opportunity to stand with Mother Nature and share in all the energy of this magical place. In 2019, Crocodile Bay Resort has ushered in a tackle box of new possibilities and experiences.

  1. The Incredible Wildlife As we mentioned, the Osa Peninsula is a magical place. Within this area exists Central America’s largest swath of intact lowland rainforest on the Pacific coast and home to an estimated 250,000 of all the living species in the world. Incredible isn’t it! And that’s just what is on land.The Pacific Ocean and the Golfo Dulce hide natural wonders just below the surface. As one of only four tropical fjords in the world, the Golfo Dulce’s marine bed is rich with volcanic reefs, crevices and caves that have become the breeding grounds for a staggering variety of marine life. It is believed that the gulf is the only place in the world where the humpback whales from both the northern and southern hemispheres gather to breed. And its calm waters have created the preferred home for super pods of dolphins with numbers up to 10,000.On land, the Osa Peninsula is attracting birders, photographers, wildlife lovers, orchid lovers and cross country bikers, just to name a few. Scientists from all over the world are discovering the diversity of this area. The tropical lowland rainforest is the most species-rich land-based ecosystem on Earth and Crocodile Bay has tailored all its tours to meet the desires of its guests.
  2. Crocodile Bay’s International and Local Cuisine Crocodile Bay serves both international and local cuisine. Trained by the top chefs from Aqua Aston Hospitality, our kitchen staff has created a menu based on local and fresh ingredients. And your catch of the day, whether transformed into tasty ceviche, fresh sushi or grilled to perfection, will be masterfully prepared and complemented by locally sourced produce. Each meal is intended to nurture your well being to prepare you for what lies ahead. Savor, relax, and let the memories of the day wash over you.If you appreciate unique dining, we have a new Pura Vida Vino Club. This is your opportunity to experience a private dinner prepared by Executive Chef Maikol Chavez and his culinary team. Just imagine a four-course dinner paired with carefully selected wines to match the cuisine. Bon Appetit! And after the success of our outdoor barbeques, we are now adding poolside dining twice a month in order that you can enjoy your dinner under the stars.
  3. The Luxury Spa at Crocodile Bay Resort We designed the Spa at Crocodile Bay to engender in our guests their peace and contentment. A variety of customized body and facial treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our highly skilled professional therapists use many products native to Costa Rica to ensure the ultimate massage experience.Pick among one of our many special treatments from Swedish massage to Re-hydration Facial to a Coconut Polish. There are full body treatments, deluxe spa packages, and even couple massages. After a day full of Osa adventures, these are just a few of the many rewards here at Crocodile Bay. Click here to check out our Spa menu.
  4. The Incredible Culture and the Pura Vida Lifestyle Ask people around the Osa what Pura Vida (pronounces poo-rah vee-dah) means to them and you may get different words, but they all lead to one thing…it is a way of life.Costa Rica All Inclusive VacationsCosta Rican’s (affectionately knows as “Ticos”) use this term to say hello, or to say goodbye, or everything’s great, or everything’s cool. However, it is not the words that reflect the true meaning of Pura Vida, is the way Ticos live. Not surprisingly, Costa Rica has been named one of the happiest countries in the world, mostly because its inhabitants don’t stress about things the way most foreigners do. Ticos have a very relaxed, simple way of looking at life. No worries, no fuss, no stress—Pura Vida to them means being thankful for what they have and not dwelling on the negative.Although many people love to use the phrase, not many know where the term actually originated. The most common explanation comes from a Mexican movie called ‘Pura Vida’ that came to Costa Rica in 1956 (directed by Gilberto Martínez Solares).  In the movie, ‘Pura Vida’ is the saying used by the main character who remains optimistic, despite unfortunate circumstances that continue to surround him.  Although it took a little while to catch on, the phrase Pura Vida was being used nationwide by 1970. Today, it is an inherent part of the culture.Pura Vida is an emotion, it’s an attitude, it’s happiness, and it’s a way of life.  Once you’ve visited, you will understand the true meaning of Pura Vida.
  5. The Colorful Property of Crocodile Bay Crocodile Bay is situated on 44 acres of manicured tropical gardens with 34 air-conditioned rooms next to village of Puerto Jimenez on Costa Rica’s South Pacific Coast. Nature lovers will appreciate a peaceful walk in our gardens. We have expanded our on-property trails in order to facilitate your ability to enjoy the sights and sounds of the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula without leaving our grounds.Crocodile Bay attracts a variety of wildlife, especially bird species who love to visit our diverse gardens. Best of all, thanks to the addition of high-speed Wifi internet in all rooms, you can upload your photographs to send to your friends back home with the subject line: “Wish you were here!”