Who Doesn’t Love A Difficult Catch?: Snook Fishing

Snook Fishing Costa Rica

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Deep in the Osa Peninsula if you are up for an exciting and challenging catch, you can go snook fishing. Snook are known for their incredible strength making them a real difficult catch and a prized game fish. The Osa Peninsula has some of the best fishing anywhere in the world coupled with the incredible biodiversity and richness of this area make’s it a traveler’s paradise.  The mouths of Costa Rica rivers are loaded with snook and the  mangrove estuaries are nurseries for snook.  You can fish for snook almost all year-long with the best times being May through April and then again January through March.  The best places  for snook fishing are rivers and surf, and the best time to fish for snook is at night especially during a full moon.

Snook Fishing Angler's Catch

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There are seven different kinds of snook in Costa Rica many of them found on the Pacific side.  They can grow to as long as 50ft and weigh over 40lbs. With their extreme strength and reputation for jumping and throwing the hook they are a challenge to catch. Snook live in both salt river and fresh water, they are known to swim far up river waterways before returning to the ocean. They live in warm water and are extremely sensitive to temperature changes.  If the water temperature falls below 60 degrees Fahrenheit they can go into shock or even die. Snook depend on the flowing water to bring them food so when the water isn’t moving they don’t eat.  They are completely reactive to the tidal flow. Snook are very finicky fish.

Snook Fishing Acrobatics

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Light tackle is the best when heading out to go snook fishing, and you want to use a long rod. The long rod helps in gently catching the snook because if your moves are too sudden and obvious the snook will break free. It is important to not scare the snook so you want to keep the boat, if you’re using one, as far away from them as possible. Even an angler wearing the wrong color shirt or hat can scare off a snook.  Using a long stiff rod is preferred because when the snook makes it strong runs and pulls it flying acrobatics that would put even a sailfish to shame, gentle deliberate moves are the key to successfully reeling a snook in.  Because the cartilage in the snook’s mouth tears so easily, more snook are lost to pulled hooks more than any other fish.

If you are looking for a challenge, snook are definitely worth the pursuit and require patience from even the most diligent angler.  The Osa Peninsula has many great fishing opportunities and Crocodile Bay can accommodate both the seasoned angler and newcomer to fishing.  Pursuing this difficult catch is definitely worth the effort and if you are looking for a challenge you will not be disappointed while snook fishing in the beautiful Osa Peninsula.