Winner of Annual Costa Rica Fishing Trip Catches 70lb Roosterfish

There is a misconception out there that nobody ever really wins these “Enter to Win” on-line free trip promotions. Rest assured at Crocodile Bay Resort, that is not the case. Jeri Heiser and Paul Hartman from Bismark, North Dakota recently won our 2014-2015 VIP contest and just returned from their fishing and eco vacation at Crocodile Bay Resort which included three full days fishing on a 33′ Strike Yacht an exciting Ecotour in one of the world’s most bioligically diverse regions and deluxe treatment in our  luxury spa.

Here’s what Jeri had to say about the Crocodile Bay Resort experience.

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Dear Will,

Costa Rica Fishing Vacation WinnerSeptember 30, 2015 – We had a WONDERFUL time….still can’t believe I won the trip!  Paul and I feel it’s been one of the best experiences ever!  We were so impressed with you, David and the whole staff at Crocodile Bay.  Transfers went well, the Double Tree Cariari by Hilton was very inviting and friendly. But I really loved the way the doors were opened for us when we arrived at Crocodile Bay and we were greeted with a big smile from your beautiful bride and the fruit smoothies with an umbrella were a very welcoming touch.

Our bags were delivered to our room, the room was cozy, clean and the special touches of the towels folded on our beds was a sweet personal touch.  A yummy breakfast was served to us and before long we walked the nature trail to the pier to start the Inshore fishing experience.

Costa Rica Rock SnapperI believe we had started fishing around 8:30/9:00 am our first day….it was non-stop reeling in fish….we had around 40 bait fish….and by 12:30 the bait fish were all used up….the captain and mate were going to catch more bait fish so we could continue to fish until 3PM but Paul and I looked at each with a big smirk and decide we caught enough fish for today.  At least that’s what our shoulders and arms we’re telling us!

One rock snapper, one red snapper, numerous roosterfish and about 5 jacks.   Paul caught a 40 lb jack and I had the thrill of catching a 70 lb rooster fish (see photo below)


I still just get pumped up telling the story today.  I must have gotten it to the boat 9 different times, and then it would take off and I just hung on to my pole….after 30-40 minutes….I wore it out and we got it in the boat for pictures with a pretty big smile and 2 thumbs up.  I love the sportsmanship of the Captain (Melvin) and the mate of how they respect the fish on releasing them back into the ocean.

The second day we went offshore….we had 3 release of marlin and 2 release of sailfish. Our 3rd day of fishing we decided to go back to Inshore. We did a full day of fishing until 3 and it was another day of nonstop catching fish….roosterfish, jacks, snapper and I missed a needle fish.  We were so busy catching fish that we barely had time to eat the yummy chicken salad sandwiches.

The Food – The pineapple was delicious…the best we ever ate and so was the rest of the fruit.  A well packed cooler spent daily! The evening kayaking tour on the ocean, riding in the surf to transfer to the river to kayak the mangrove trees and then turning back to paddle up the river to see the sunset was a vision I can still see.

Costa Rica ToursThe rainforest tour was awesome, we saw many species of beautiful birds and a grand slam of monkeys (howler monkeys, white-faced capuchins, squirrel and spider monkeys).  The organic chocolate farm was very interesting….one takes for granted eating chocolate in a candy wrapper….and the samples of chocolates and fresh fruits were amazing. Deep frying the whole cubera snapper for supper was worth every bite.  Every meal was prepared and served hot and tasty and always served by a smiling and friendly waitress.  And Clean…I have to mention clean…..everything was so clean and the staff really takes pride in what they do….THANK YOU again to everyone!

Then there was the evening of the deluxe chocolate 2 hour massage in the luxury spa……..Words cannot describe how AMAZING and RELAXED I felt……this is a must have at the spa! We were only there for 3 1/2 days but as our neighbors staying next to us told us…..”We did a high speed vacation”….we feel we did do a lot but not enough.  We plan to go back and stay at least 10-14 days…..there’s so many more eco adventures to experience, more fish to catch and we couldn’t get enough of the Costa Rica vibe of the happiness you get with everyone around you….Pura Vida!

Will, I have to apologize….you told me to keep it short….but I’m sorry, it was impossible.

Thank you again for the wonderful experience of winning the fishing trip….we will be seeing you again!

Take care,
Jeri Heiser/Paul Hartmann

P.S.  I still can’t believe I won….THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


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“The most biologically intense place on Earth”
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Package does not include: Alcoholic beverages at the resort, transfer fees, domestic airline & domestic overweight seat and baggage, international airfare, meals in San Jose, airport departure tax, change fees, gratuities.

Other legal restrictions may apply in your state. Winner must be at least 18 years old and hold a passport issued by their country of residence and valid for at least 6 months following departure from Costa Rica. Package prize details may change at any time.