July Eco-report

Weather in the green season

I have had several people ask me about the weather here in the “green season.“ If you were contemplating coming down for some fishing but were worried about going to a place called “the RAIN forest” or if you looked at the weather forecast for Puerto Jimenez and saw thunderstorms and showers predicted for the next two weeks, I can certainly understand your concern. The weather forecast can be a bit misleading. We do get rain most days, but it is rarely an all-day affair. A typical day begins with a slight overcast that quickly clears as the sun rises. The mornings and afternoons are generally sunny with a few broken clouds. If we do get rain, it usually comes late in the afternoon or at night. We can have strong tropical rains all night long, but then clear again in the morning. If we get rain during the day, it usually is a shower that passes quickly. As for temperatures, they are comfortable in the mid-eighties during the day and upper seventies in the evening.