Crocodile Bay Resort – Costa Rica Fishing Report March

JUST IN: We have only had a sailfish jump INTO a boat once in our 15 years of operation, yesterday it happened twice! Check out the video and pay extra close attention to what the two anglers do when the sailfish heads toward them on the boat! Priceless!

The new moon in March brings the biggest tides of the year and once again great fishing. After a month of some really hot days on the water and some slow ones, March starts out normal. The dorado have hung around a long time this year. Normally they are pretty thinned out by January 15th but this year the whole month of February brought multiple of dorado.

paulrangerTerry Fisher from Cummins motors stopped by with some Cummins marine folks for a quick  two day stay. Everyone in the group landed a couple of sails and had shots at many more. Top boat in the group the last few days landed 9 sails. Don’t get me wrong, we have had some slow days, but when they light up, they light up.

Frances Azur returned with a group of friends to fish a small tournament as well as Dan Vergith’s group from Las Vegas. They didn’t catch any record number of fish but these guys know how to have a good time. The Ferguson Fire group hit it just right and many first time anglers no longer have sailfish on the bucket list.

A few surprises like Paul Ranger’s 50 lb wahoo brought dinner smiles to a lot of guests and plate size snapper deep fried whole made cardiologists gringe, but was a real treat for those who never had tried it.

I want to especially thank Allan Sosnow for coming back this year. He patiently took several sails on a fly, but it is his example on attitude which is the real inspiration about the man.

Inshore has been spotty. Red tide entered and has left for the most part and rooster went into hiding but have shown their face again in the last few days.