Crocodile Bay Resort – April Fishing Report

John Katter brought down a group of friends and went 6 for 10 on sails one day and 5 for 10 another.  Most are struggling to get less fish.  A large group of sails has been reported just to the north of us, so fishing should return to normal soon.

doradoMarlin has been the surprise offshore and a lot of boats are getting a shot. Not every day, but enough to keep it interesting.  Jeff and Cody managed a 50 plus pound dorado and raised another dorado and marlin at the same time. They hooked the dorado first on a ballyhoo and pitched a bait to the marlin. The marlin had other ideas. It left the teaser and ate the dorado they had hooked up on light tackle. Afterwards they were left with a smoking drag, no line, no fish, and one hell of a fish story.

Red tide in the gulf slowed the roosterfishing, but some decent bottom fish have been caught as of late. Cubera Snapper and Africa Pompano have been in that mix. Steve Barnhill and Tim DeGroote from Don Coffey fishing tackle made a return visit and caught the tail end of the hot streak. It was good to see them at the resort again.
Costa Rica Fishing ConservationYellowfin tuna will be more prevalent as the government finally decided to give them more protection from purse seine boats. They will no longer be able to fish within 60 miles of the coast and are limited to where they can fish beyond that.


According to Enrique Ramirez Executive Director of FECOP, (the sport fishing lobby in Costa Rica) the action by the government will reduce the by-catch of billfish by 1000 tons as well as protect dolphins and other sea life. For more information about responsible fishing in Costa Rica visit

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Todd Staley,
Fishing Director

Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica