Fruit isn’t Just for Eating Anymore: The Cutting Edge of Spa Treatments and Skincare

Costa Rica's Tropical Fruit

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Spa treatments using fresh fruits and vegetables is a growing international trend. Clients are requesting more holistic and natural treatments, and luxury spas such as Crocodile Bay have been on the cutting edge of providing these services.  With an abundance of locally grown fruit, Costa Rica’s tropical environment is ideal for such treatments.  Besides, a massage and facial with fruit is a great way to unwind before dinner after a long day of offshore fishing or hiking in the rainforest.

Vitamins are the secret to youthful radiant skin. Not only do you want to eat your vitamins but applying them topically is loaded with benefits.  Fruits and vegetables have been used throughout the ages for skincare, and while most of us are use to applying things that come in a jar to our skin, you can also go straight to the produce aisle. Of course, great skin starts with eating right but a topical treatment could give your skin that extra boost it needs to really glow. 

Fruit Scrub: Spa Treatments

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Fruits provide many powerful nutrients beneficial to the skin. Apricot promotes cellular regeneration; coconut diminishes wrinkles and tightens skin;  pineapple reduces cellulite; melon purifies your skin of toxins; papaya is great for overall healing; lemon and orange are excellent cleansers loaded in Vitamin C and mangoes keep your skin soft and glowing. Fruits are powerful antioxidants and feed your skin.  Coconut oil is also outstanding for  skin care. Spa treatments using these powerful natural remedies is an excellent way to pamper yourself and relax while nourishing your skin.

Fruit Facial Spa Treatment

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Here are some of the benefits common vitamins bring to your skin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A gets rid of wrinkles. If you are familiar with retinal and retina-a than you know the effectiveness of Vitamin A in keeping your skin wrinkle free. It provides the skin with tretinoin which gets rid of wrinkles. It is a powerful anti-aging agent.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B gives the skin a healthy glow and aids in moisture retention. It balances the skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C repairs sun and free radical damage. It enhances collagen synthesis and lightens skin. It enhances the texture of the skin by aiding collagen production and diminishes wrinkles. It is very effective for lightening and brightening the skin erasing freckles and age spots from too much sun exposure.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K repairs dark, under-eye circles and broken capillaries. It revitalizes the skin membranes.

Orange Spa Treatment

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Applying fruits directly to the skin is an ancient secret, and despite its simplicity is probably one of the most powerful and effective ways to achieve radiant glowing skin.  No one likes to look older than they are and we all want to live at maximum energy and capacity. Natural spa treatments are effective. They are the cutting edge of beauty and wellness treatments. Crocodile Bay is one of the leading spas incorporating this philosophy into their services. Taking care of you skin starts with lots of vitamins and minerals pumping through your body, and then pampering your skin and spirit with something truly nourishing like fruit.