Costa Rica’s President Visited Botánika and Crocodile Bay

Last month Crocodile Bay and Botánika had the honor of hosting the President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, to discuss the importance of sustainable tourism and conservation efforts in the region.

During his tour of the resort’s facilities, President Chaves Robles met with local officials and members of the community to learn about their efforts to support Costa Rican interests and to promote eco-friendly practices. He was impressed with the resort’s commitment to ocean sustainability and responsible tourism and praised the resort for setting an example for others to follow.

Diego Oviedo, General Manager of Botánika, expressed his gratitude for the president’s visit and emphasized the resort’s belief in working together with local communities and the government to create a better future for Costa Rica and its people through responsible conservation and tourism. “It is encouraging to be able to host such an important event at the Botanika’s conference center meeting facilities”.

The visit was organized by the Costa Rican Tourism Board and local authorities in partnership with the owners and operators of Botánika and Crocodile Bay. This visit highlights the importance of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica and the commitment of both the government and private sector to protect the country’s natural beauty on land and in the ocean.