Finca de Raises Day Tour

Finca Raices de Osa

Owned and operated by a local couple, this project is a thriving example of agro-ecology. This visionary farm serves as a model of success for balancing the subsistence needs of humans with preserving nature. The tour commences with a presentation of the tilapia fish farm, including the various stages of production.

We proceed through organic tropical fruit orchards and fields of pineapple, banana, papaya, melon, sugar cane and manioc. We then visit the natural corridors of the farm, where well manicured trails lead you through a picturesque lowland rainforest. The tour ends with an offering to sample some of the products of the farm, which vary seasonally and are served under the shade of an enormous Kapok tree.

Half day

* 2-person minimum

* 12 hours notice required