Rural Cultural and Conservation Tours

Supporting and experiencing the rain forest in a sustainable way is the key to ensuring that these natural wonders can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.

There are several small family businesses and groups that are working to keep local traditions intact while at the same time attempting to assist with the conservation of the area and it´s wild inhabitants. In an attempt to support these valid causes as well as the hard working people who have created them, we are proud to offer the following new Rural, Cultural and Conservation Tours.

Rural Tour Combo

Purchase any rural tour and get 35% off any additional rural tour to make a full day and have more time to share and learn about the culture and those who defend the wildlife of this beautiful country.

  • Finca Raíces de Osa
  • Butterfly Farm  Tour 
  • Gold Panning       
  • Sea Turtle Rescue Tour
  • The Chocolate Farm