Crocodile Bay Fishing Report for January 2023

It was a wonderful start to the 2023 season for us at Crocodile Bay with awesome weather, very calm seas and, of course, great fishing off the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. The fishing at Crocodile Bay has been on fire recently, with multiple hook- ups on blue marlin and huge yellow fin tuna offshore, along with trophy rooster fish and monster cubera snappers inshore. Our guests are catching multiple Dorado (Mahi Mahi) offshore and even a few inshore. It’s been crazy good fishing with double digit catch-and- releases on dorado every day for our anglers. There hasn’t been a boring moment this past month on the water with our guests reeling in fish after fish.

She Said “Yes” – A Very Special Proposal

Orchestrating the perfect marriage proposal is no easy task. How one pops the question is a story that is told year after year. 

Captain’s Corner with Anthony – January 2023

What’s the difference between inshore and offshore fishing? Captian Anthony tells us that at Crocodile Bay; it’s all about the distance away from land, the depth of water we are fishing, the techniques we use and the species we target.

Crocodile Bay – Eco Tour Report

Enjoy slideshows and videos of the past week's eco-tour excursions.

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for December 2022

Greetings friends… December is the month of joy and love, and a great month to fish off the Osa Peninsula here in Costa Rica. The seas are mostly calm, and the fish are biting. It’s the end of the wet season which means swells are down and we are trolling in glass-flat water with warm temperatures. The best news: December is the beginning of the sailfish season at Crocodile Bay. Sailfish are some of the fastest swimmers in the ocean and our anglers were able to catch and release numerous sails. It’s also the tail-end of the dorado season (mahi-mahi) and our anglers have being kept busy reeling in lots of dorado ranging between 15lbs to 70lbs.

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for November 2022

Greetings from the most intense fishery and biologically diverse areas in the world – the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Home to the amazing angling at Crocodile Bay and the unmatched beauty of the rainforest where we are located. The month of November was an amazing month for fishing for our guests. There aren’t many places in the world where you can catch dorado, sailfish, tuna, and blue marlin all in one day, but that was the case for a few fortunate guests who experienced Crocodile Bay’s magic this past month.

Captain’s Corner with Anthony

This month we catch up with one of our guest’s favorite Captain: Anthony Rhoden. Capt. Anthony is inviting everybody to come down and fish with us: no matter the season. Anthony feels there is a misconception about fishing in the fall. The green season gets a bad wrap because the people perceive that the fishing isn’t as good when it rains. That’s not true. In fact, the fishing is better during the wet season. The captain explains in the video in this post.

BioSur Foundation in Costa Rica and Jim Córdoba-Alfaro

Jim is an accomplished field entomologist, conservationist, and community leader focused on the Osa Peninsula rainforest. He is the founder and president of Biosur Foundation, a grassroots NGO that promotes rainforest conservation, scientific research, and environmental education about the most biologically intense rainforest on Earth.

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for October 2022

Imagine you’re on a boat in the Pacific Ocean off the Southern coast of Costa Rica. You are amazed by the beauty of the tropical views. You are enjoying the pristine and relaxing waters. Suddenly one of the reels starts screaming. “Fish on!” yells the mate. He hands the rod to you and your heart starts pounding as you try to guess what fish you might have on the end of line. Is it a giant black marlin, a blue marlin, a sailfish, or a large yellowfin tuna?

Crocodile Bay – Fishing Report for September 2022

There are only a few places in the world where you can target roosterfish and blue marlin consistently, and the Osa Peninsula is on the top of that list! During our peak of the green season the bite gets better and better, and the inshore and offshore fishing during this time of the year is amazingly good. There aren’t a lot of places you can catch 15 to 25 roosterfish in one day or raise 2 to 7 marlin in one day, and we can say with pride that Crocodile Bay has held up to those expectations during the last 22 years.

Top Five Tips to Photograph Wild Costa Rica by Kevin Dooley

There are many reasons why I enjoy Costa Rica for wildlife photography. It is a close and very fulfilling destination, I can reach Costa Rica in less time then it takes me to get to Alaska. I truly enjoy the tropical environment with beautiful beaches and wonderful seafood. The wildlife is prolific with many species of birds, mammals, reptiles, insects, and amphibians. Its a great location to photograph with both telephoto lenses and macro lenses all in the same day.

Conservation News – Tuna Reform

The Costa Rican government has taken a big step in the continuing conservation of our precious Pacific Coast fishery. In a unanimous 52-0 Vote Costa Rica passed the TUNA reform bill requiring commercial tuna boats (seiners) to be at least 80 miles offshore. Crocodile Bay has always been involved in Ocean Conservation here in Costa Rica thanks to former fishing director and now Crocodile Bay Ambassador, Todd Staley. (with FECOP) Those of you that have fished here in the past and in recent years have seen how the yellowfin tuna fishery has exploded.