Jumping off a Waterfall: Rappelling in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

Waterfall Rappelling

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For the adventurer ecotourist, Costa Rica is a prime spot for rappelling and if you are feeling super adventurous there is nothing like the rush from waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica.  The thrill of jumping off a cliff with water rushing over your head is a once in a lifetime experience. Costa Rica is a world- renown haven of caves, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and endless trails.  Hiking through a rainforest to a secluded waterfall where you ascend some 100ft to jump off a cliff into the water rushing down by a rope. The tougher the challenge, the bigger the rush.  Rappelling is not for the faint hearted and definitely appeals to those with an adventuresome spirit.

Hiking to go Rappelling

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Rappelling builds not only psychical strength but, also psychological and hones your sense of awareness. It is also a big confidence booster. This extreme sport strengthen your power of concentration and intention setting to accomplish goals. Rappelling creates both an emotional and mental challenge of facing your fears, there you are about to drop 90 feet off a cliff and every ounce of self-preservation screams stop.  Do you wimp out or go for it at that moment.  Once you are at the top of the cliff, it is pretty hard to back out.  It is now time to take a breath and face your fear. It is the anticipation of failure that holds us back. Every time we push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, we move forward and become more  effective in our own lives.

Rappelling off a Waterfall

Image Source: Wildland.comActive sports like rappelling that require a lot of internal discipline and mental concentration make you more effective in your relationships and at work.  As we build our self-confidence and face fears, we become better able to handle the up and downs of life, as well as setting goals and achieving them. We own our power. However, do keep in mind that after a day of hiking through the rainforest and rappelling, your feet may need some tender loving care.

Waterfall Rappelling Costa Rica

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Taking a day to go rappelling is definitely something to put at the top of your list if you are an outdoor type.  Experienced rappellers who know the area take you on guided trips to the waterfalls in the Osa Peninsula where there is some of the best rappelling in the world.  Costa Rica is an international destination spot for the outdoor enthusiast, ecotype and climber.  A jump off the cliff into the water is an experience of a lifetime. There is nothing like waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica.