Top 3 Reasons Costa Rica is a Number One Fishing Destination


Costa Rica Sport Fishing


Costa Rica is a world renown fishing destination spot but what makes the happiest country in the world numbers one for fishing?  With plenty of surf, sun and fun, Costa Rica scores higher than just about any top fishing destination when it comes to the abundance and diversity of fish. Plus, it is not expensive to travel to this small country. It’s affordability makes it attainable to pretty much any savvy traveler and it is also a family friendly destination.

Sailfish Costa Rica Fishing


Abundant Fish

With oceans abundant in sailfish, marlin, tuna, wahoo, roosterfish, mackeral, dorado and snapper including the legendary Big Cubera, what is not to love about fishing? For offshore fishing in the Pacific, it is common to catch and release a dozen or more sails in a day along with a marlin or two, and it is not unusual to release more than 30 sailfish in a day.  The abundant fish is in large part because of Costa Rica’s strong fishing regulations including catch and release policies, which keep the fish stocks healthy. It is the weather and environment, as well as Costa Rica’s strong efforts towards ocean  conservation that protect the fish stocks and keep the fish abundant. While Costa Rica is known for offshore fishing, it is also an excellent spot for inshore fishing. In fact, any angler can pretty much find just about any kind of sport fishing experience he can dream of here.

Costa Rica Fishing: Sandy White Beaches



Costa Rica enjoys sunshine and warm weather throughout the year. With about 12 hours of sunshine a day, the sun rises at 5 am and sets at 5 pm, there is plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. It has a diverse and varied tropical climate because of its close proximity to the equator. The average temperature is between 70 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit, so while it gets warm, it is not the oppressive sweltering hot you experience in late July in Manhattan.  The coolest months are November, December, and January and the hottest months are March through May.  September and October are the heaviest months for rain, but even then you are pretty much guaranteed at least a few hours of sunshine during the day.  With the trade winds keeping the weather hot and humid most of the year, there is no real dry season. It is Costa Rica’s tropical climate that makes it such a prolific fishing place. The warms waters are great for many fish and it is a breeding ground and natural nursery for many species of fish especially in the Osa Peninsula.

Costa Rica Fishing: Crocodile Bay Lodge



Costa Rica is relatively inexpensive to travel to  a ticket from NYC on Jet Blue averages about $700 and with great hotels and resorts available. You can choose a rustic yoga retreat of full service luxury. There are many different options whether you are traveling solo or with small children. Plus, the incredible biodiversity makes it a more stimulating place to visit than the islands, where all the days can start to bleed together. Just as there are lots of fishing options, you can spend five days here and easily find something different to do each day.  From eco tours to rappelling, to boating to surfing, or if you are feeling especially lazy just grab a book and head to the beach, there is always something to do. Crocodile Bay provides a range of activities for its guests and is a great pace if you are looking to truly relax and have someone else handle all the planning while getting a real taste of Costa Rica’s finest.