Get Out of Town This Thanksgiving! Travel to Costa Rica with Your Family for the Holidays

Costa Rica Family Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day in America with packed airports and roads, not to mention the super long lines in stores often with screaming kids in tow.  Maybe the best option for Thanksgiving and avoiding the inevitable mess in the kitchen is hopping a plane with your family, and maybe even bring your in-laws, to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.  You can spend real quality time with your family while someone else takes care of the shopping and cooking for you.  Thanksgiving brings to mind images of football, overeating, pumpkin pie, and afternoon naps but what about swapping those activities for fishing, hiking through an exotic rainforest, waterfall rappelling or just being pampered in one of the most exotic places in the world?  Due to the large number of expats and American travelers, Thanksgiving is widely celebrated in Costa Rica making it a great place to jet to during the holidays. It is only a few hours from most airport hubs in the USA and right now travel deals and specials are still possible.

Thanksgiving Pumpkins

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For many people taking the time to rest and recuperate is not what one thinks of when the idea of Thanksgiving comes to mind. For many it conjures up images of stress especially around family obligations.  But the last thing we need is more stress.  In fact, stress is the cause of many chronic diseases. So the solution becomes simple, find a way to de-stress your Thanksgiving.

Costa Rica Family Vacation

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Costa Rica is a family friendly vacation spot. Here you can take the family on a zip line tour or ecoutour, snorkeling or explore many of the wildlife sanctuaries and botanical gardens during the day while spending your evenings in comfortable surroundings and warm weather. It gives you the opportunity to spend real quality time with your family. Something most families are lacking today with hectic schedules and both parents juggling busy demanding careers. Perhaps, the best way to give thanks for family and friends and all the gifts in your life is to be able to actually take a breath and really relax with the people who mean the most to you during this time.

Thanksgiving in Paradise

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With the large expat crowd in the Osa Peninsula you will not be without fellows also celebrating this American tradition. Whether you think the results of the 2012 USA elections were bizarre or are popping open the champagne bottle, Costa Rica welcomes all travelers regardless of political persuasion. If you signed up for the Jet Blue election protection raffle and your candidate lost, you can also see if you are among the lucky few who one a free plane ticket. . Also, apples are in season in November, so you can definitely enjoy your apple pie for Thanksgiving.  While you may want to forsake the traditional turkey dinner for a fish you caught that day such as Dorado, you can enjoy a traditional, unconventional Thanksgiving in Costa Rica. There are places that will cook you a traditional dinner but make arrangements ahead of time. Check with Crocodile Bay about their options and suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner.  When booking your flight there are definitely some airports that are better to skip and some that are easier  if you have the option.  There are also some great travel apps to help you in making your Thanksgiving plans.  Happy Thanksgiving!