Flying High Ecotourist! Take a Canopy Tour Across the Osa Peninsula’s Wild Jungle

Ecotourist Family

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While a 6.6 earthquake struck Costa Rica early today, life goes on here in the Osa Peninsula—a paradise for ecotourists, adrenaline junkies and world class anglers. The earthquake rattled that the Pacific Coast this morning probably shook a few people out of bed, startled for a moment, before they quickly fell back asleep dreaming of the promising excitement of the next day’s outdoor eco-adventure.

Deep in the jungle of the Osa Peninsula, you get lost in a world of raw pristine nature while observing animals in their natural setting and escaping to a place that feels timeless and limitless.

If you like to be both psychically and mentally challenged then this is a place to visit. It is one of the few remaining undeveloped places left in the world that is also traveler friendly. There is nothing like zipping through the canopies of the treetops and the getting a massive adrenaline rush, it is far better than watching someone else do it on an outdoor reality show about the outback from your couch. You can enjoy the outdoors without giving up comfort here and build your inner confidence by trying something totally new.

Ecotourist: Canopy Tour

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One of the more interesting ways to view the forests of Costa Rica is by taking a canopy tour. High in the treetops you travel via zipline from one platform to the next flying across the rainforest via the trees. You can view the incredible diverse and rich forest of Corcovado National Park literally from the canopy of the trees. If this sounds like a childhood fantasy, it is actually real. The zipline canopy tours are popular and don’t require any previous climbing or rappelling experience. There is a system of cables that connect platforms in the treetops. In a harness, you can fly from one platform to the next hundreds of feet above the forest floor. They are safe and well regulated, and guided by reputable staff.

Ecotourist: Tarzan Swing

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If you are looking for an even more intense adrenaline rush, you can swing from the trees free style on a single rope. It is called the Tarzan swing. In the early days of rappelling and climbing, the more adventuresome adrenaline rush types would be so bold as to swing from the vines of Corcovado’s old growth trees like Tarzan. Well now, you can swing through the air by jumping off a platform in a harness that is attached to a single line that propels you forward. Literally getting a bird’s eye view of the forest and an adrenaline rush from being suspended in the trees flying hundreds of feet above the ground.  Now that is intense.

Ecotourist Zip

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Crocodile Bay takes guests out on canopy tours as well as the Tarzan Swing and will make all the arrangements for you and your fellow travelers. It is a great adventure and an experience that you will not forget. You can spot a white-faced monkey, Macaw and even some of the more exotic frogs high in the trees. Don’t forget to beat your chest and scream into the wild as you fly through the air, free. Don’t worry, no one is looking. You may get rattled for a moment, but you will build your confidence and move forward.