Raising Your Ecological IQ: Ecotourism as Fun Education For Families


Costa Rica Family Ecotour

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Costa Rica is a family friendly favored spot for ecotourism. An environmentally conscious country known for being a top international travel destination spot for eco-adventures off all types including families.  Form hiking to snorkeling to to rappelling to fishing, here you can explore the incredible rainforest as well as the Pacific Ocean in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Osa Peninsula, with Corcovado National Park and acres of protected reserves, is a great place to visit for a family eco-adventure and fishing vacation. You can explore one of the richest biologically diverse places on the planet. Here you can spot exotic animals and species that in many of parts of the world are on the verge of extinction. Costa Rica is like a real life Dr. Doolittle wonder and what could be better for both adults and their kids to share. Unfortunately, this diversity is threatened due to climate change.

Ecotourism in Costa Rica

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In an article in the Guardian today, a well-respected climate scientist predicts that within the next four years, the arctic ice will collapse completely.  In other words, a global disaster is now unfolding in the northern latitudes and the consequences of which still seem unreal to many people in the west.  Already, we are seeing the impact with an increasing number of environmental refugees, species die offs, and extreme weather patterns that are causing not only crops to fail but also property and severe infrastructure damage. Teaching your children about biodiversity and exposing them to the wonders of nature raises their ecological IQ. It is just as important as cutting emissions and transitioning to a carbon neutral world.

Ecotourism Waterfall Hike

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The more time we spend outdoors hiking, fishing, climbing, swimming in nature the more sensitive and aware we become of our connection to nature. Not only do we keep our psychical bodies fit and minds sharp and clear through exercise we also gain a sense of personal growth and fulfillment when we take on new challenges such as rappelling off a waterfall or going deep-sea fishing for the first time.  Crocodile Bay offers great ecotour family friendly vacations.

Family Ecotourism

Image Source: Naturevacations.com

As we settle into autumn and the kids head back to school, you may want to start thinking about what you and your family will be doing for sprink break. Vacations are important they are an opportunity to renew our spirits and get fresh perspectives.  They are a part of keeping ourselves in balance.  The more we take time to nurture ourselves and our relationships with our families and friends the happier we are.  When we spend this time doing something active outdoors we get personal fulfillment and at the same time engage in broadening our own awareness of nature and its connection. A healthy person contributes to a healthy planet. Treat you and your family to an eco-adventure in Costa Rica.