Ecotourism is the New Chic: Traveling in Style and Sustainably in Costa Rica

Sustainable Travel

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Winter vacation is approaching, and it is time to think about traveling in style and sustainably. Climate change is headline news bringing with it a renewed commitment to environmental responsibility. As the east coast of the USA recovers from Hurricane Sandy, climate change is back on the agenda.  The world’s poorest are calling upon Obama to implement climate policy while solar power is being brought to the devastated people of Long Island through the volunteer efforts of Greenpeace, and Costa Rica begins to implement a plan to combat climate change. It appears, for a moment, the whole world has moved from watching to acting. Without a healthy planet, humans can’t lead lead healthy lives. Taking steps to make sure your next vacation is sustainable and supports ecotourism is good for both the planet and your spirit. By participating in ecotourism, you help protect the environment by supporting sustainable business practices.

Costa Rica Ecotourist

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What can you do? Let’s start with your winter travel plans and where and how you plan to vacation. Sustainability, despite the myth, does not mean sacrificing quality, comfort or fun. It is estimated that 70% of Americans now believe that climate change is a real threat that demands immediate action. Perhaps, there is a silver lining in the tragedy of hurricane sandy and other extreme weather events experienced in 2012.

There is a paradigm shift happening among international travelers taking into account the environmental impact of their vacation and wanting to support sustainable tourism as well as participate in ecotourism. 96% of Conde Nast Traveler readers believe that hotels and resorts should be responsible for protecting the environment. 74.5% of readers stated that the environmental policies of the hotels and resorts influences their decision to stay there. Those numbers are a considerable majority.

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How do you become an ecotourist? Avoid leaving negative marks on the cultures, economies and environment while making a positive impact on the places you visit. When you make your travel reservations choose to support hotels and resorts that support conservation, local communities and sustainable travel. Patronize local shops, crafts and restaurants when on vacation. And when traveling take only pictures and leave only footprints. Crocodile Bay supports sustainable tourism and offers guests many ecotours, as well as the ability to lay their head on the pillow at night in style and with a clear conscience. We can all take environmental responsibility and do it in style!