Crocodile Bay Resort – Fishing Report June

We always have a lull during the first days of June as a result of graduation ceremonies  in the States. I took that time to spend a week in the mountains near the Georgia-North Carolina border in a cabin overlooking a beautiful valley. I thought to myself, “what a little piece of heaven this place is” and the only thing missing to make it a perfect was a view of the ocean. Must be a reason I was born under a sign of water.

I have been back a week or so now and the June family fishing trips are starting to arrive. Chuck Osterland took advantage of the Ohio school schedule and was one of the first arrivals with his grandsons, Kevin McKinney, Jacob Walters, and Michael Henry. Chuck, a repeat customer, says he logged his best trip to date here. They landed 3 marlin between 200 and 350 pounds, sailfish, dorado, and roosterfish and snapper over 30 lbs.

Trip had wife, Jennifer, and daughter, Caroline, down for a visit. Trip and I hit it off because we both have a little redneck blood running through our veins and enjoy the same great storytellers like Hiaasen, Dorsey, and MacDonald.

Although they spent the majority of their time doing Eco Tours, Trip decided he wanted to try to catch something for the table. The photos below describe his fishing a lot better than I could.

Don’t get me wrong, we have had to work for the successes we have had of late. The summer marlin have arrived early and the summer tuna have yet to arrive. Roosters haven’t been big in numbers but have been good sized. We get a lot busier in the next two weeks and more eyes on the water usually find fish.
If it was all written in stone, I would probably still have hair on the top of my head. I am just wishing for the marlin to stay in the area and for the yellowfin tuna to make their appearance.

Todd Staley
Fishing Director
Crocodile Bay Resort,
Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica