Zip Line Canopy Tour

Miramar Canopy Zip-line

Once a realm limited to scientific investigations, canopy exploration has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most sought after tour frontiers of the rainforest. We are now proud to offer one of Costa Rica’s finest and safest canopy tours. The ideal site area, a 17-acre tract of virgin forest, is called Miramar or “ocean view” referring to its commanding view of the Golfo Dulce and the surrounding rainforest.


The platforms are strung along nearly a mile of rainforest canopy reaching heights of 138ft. While this tour is truly adventurous, state-of-the-art equipment is provided for utmost safety. Further, the guides are highly trained and knowledgeable in not only the techniques and safety issues, but also on the natural wonders encountered on this exciting ride through this ceiling of the rainforest. As opposed to waterfall climbing and other types of high rope activities, the zip-line is relatively effortless, and therefore appropriate for children as well as mature travelers.
Half Day

* 2-person minimum

* Closed shoes recommended

* 12 hours notice required

Night Miramar Canopy Zip Line
At least half of all that lives in the rainforest is active at night. Revel in the exotic sights and sounds of the jungle, with a healthy dose of adrenalin. Each of the seven platforms are illuminated to guide your approach. This version of the canopy zip-line is great for fishermen that can’t miss the fishing action during the day, but realize what exciting treasures await them on shore.
Night:24 hours notice required * Leaves at 7:30pm and returns by 10:30pm.

Osa Palmas Canopy Tour
After the tremendously positive response we received from our clients who enjoyed our Miramar Zip-line tour, when another area was found and converted into a second Canopy Tour location, we could not stop ourselves from offering that one too for all the adrenaline junkies out there! The Osa Palmas Canopy Tour has 8 platforms up to 120 feet tall that allow you to view primary forest, secondary forest, and renewable plantations of trees as well as open space. The combination of breath taking views, vibrant wild life, and hair-raising adrenaline rushes are sure to make this a trip to remember!
Half Day