Costa Rica Fishing Report, April 16 2013 – Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica

By Todd Staley, Fishing Director – Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica

Wade Boggs Costa Rica Fishing
MLB Hall of Famer Wade Boggs smiles before embarking on day two of the Red Bone @ Large Costa Rica Classic at Crocodile Bay Resort!

Todd Staley Costa Rica Fishing DirectorThere’s a fine line between superstitious and obsessive compulsive and Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Wade Boggs crossed it every night. The 12-time All Star attributed much of his success to a daily routine and refused to alter his habits. These everyday customs including eating chicken before each game (earning him the nickname “Chicken Man”), and always taking exactly 150 ground balls during infield practice. He also always took batting practice at 5:17 and ran sprints at 7:17 and drew the word “Chai” (Hebrew for “life”) in the dirt before coming up to bat. Boggs’ allegiance to his superstitions helped lead him to one of the finest pro baseball careers of all time and induction to the Hall of Fame.

Wade paid us a visit again last week fishing in the second leg of the Redbone tournament for cystic fibrosis. Wade also won the celebrity division of this year’s tournament.

Winner of the RedBone

Pictured above, Brian Dellett of Denver Co. Grand Champion Angler of the Redbone @ Large Crocodile Bay OSA Classic! Congratulations Brian!

I am also superstitious. One of my biggest superstitions is to never brag when fishing is really good. On my last report I broke my rule. Fishing had been so good the whole month of March I fell to temptation and told the whole world. Well, on April Fool’s Day my world caved in. The weather changed and the fish quit biting. Usually April is one of our driest months and the rains started. Fishing was lousy for over a week and finally the sunshine started to show more each day and the inshore recovered. Drew Kelly returned again this year and opted for the better inshore fishing. They caught 20 jacks on topwater plugs one day along with roosters and some really nice snapper.

Tyler Gerstein Lands a Rooster Solo
“I GOT IT” Exclaims eight year old Tyler Gernstein as his rod breaks and he still manages to reel in this 55lb monster roosterfish!

Other highlights:  Eight year old Tyler Gernstein is no stranger to roosterfish. Last year he caught a 59 lb monster with a little help. This time, a year older and with experience under his belt he hooked into a 45 lb fish. The mate on the boat immediately went to help him lift the rod. His reply to this action was a surprise and put a big smile one everyone’s face. “Don’t worry about the rod, I got it,” he exclaimed. “Hang on to me!” If the rod was going in the water he would be attached to it. He landed the fish pictured all be himself.

Jeff Thurston

Jeff Thurston (pictured above) spent one day on the water and caught a 120 lb sail and returned to the doc with a 55 lb dorado. Chuck Raderstorf’s 400 lb blue marlin was the fish everyone was talking about at the resort.

(pictured below) Guests Jeff and Kimberly enjoy a nice mix of sailfish and roosters

Costa Rica Sailfish



Many thanks to Jamie and Donna Piraino for sharing their photos that turned out to be some of the BEST sailfish shots we’ve ever been given by any guest! Here’s something to motivate you for YOUR next fishing trip!

Don’t take our word for it – Here is a testimonial from Brian Tooms on his fishing trip with his wife Trish this past week at Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica!

Brian and his Wife Trish With a “Dream” DoubleHeader Sailfish hookup!


“We honeymooned in Crocodile Bay in 2007 after getting married in Las Vegas on the way down.
This year to celebrate my retirement from 37 years of being a Locomotive engineer with Canadian National Railways my wife said we could go pretty much anywhere in the world for a trip. She knew it would be a fishing trip and she was surprised and pleased that I picked Crocodile Bay.
My wife has a severe water phobia and she has been getting a lot better and this last trip you would never know. That is due in a large part to the professionalism of the guides, captains and mates that helped her and made her feel relaxed and comfortable on the water.
Trish surprised herself by going out in a kayak for the first time and having a fantastic time. The spa is a huge plus and she is always telling her friends about it, and the animal sanctuary where she returned to see her buddies Sweetie and Poppy.
The whole setting, wildlife, friendly staff, the other guests that you meet, all make it a fantastic experience for couples. On the water we saw the whale sharks, hundreds of dolphins surrounding the boat, pilot whales and scores of birds.
The fishing was amazing, some days were slower than others and Trish caught her first sailfish during a doubleheader that was incredible. She is so proud of being able to do it herself she bought a carved sailfish and a picture frame to put on her desk at work.
I am addicted to the take of a billfish on a fly rod, it’s the ultimate dry fly fishing and anything else doesn’t measure up so you have ruined me for any other fishing:)

I caught a 200lb blue marlin on the fly on our honeymoon that was my fish of a lifetime.

Here are a few videos from the Tooms’ trip to Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica!

Brian and Trish are lucky enough to get this Whale Shark on their GoPro Hero 3 with some help from our Eco Director Dennis Atencio!


Ever wonder what’s going on “Beneath the Boat” While you’s a sneak peek!









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See you soon in Costa Rica!
Todd Staley,
Fishing Director,