costa rica fishing Costa Rica sailfishCrocodile Bay Resort March Fishing Report by Crocodile Bay Fishing Director, Todd Staley – They told me it had been 170 some years since the last hurricane hit Costa Rica but strange things sure have happened since we got hit last November and it is not good for my mental health.

There are lots of sailfish out there. People report seeing fish on the surface and free-jumpers everywhere. One day they come out to play and the boats see double digit numbers in the teasers.

The next day they don’t want to play. Marlin have hung around longer this year. Lisa from “Luxury Tours” husband Bill started their group’s trip with a nice blue.



twinsA few tuna and a wayward dorado have made their way to the kitchen. Inshore remains the constant.
Sam Beddoes who worked like crazy last year producing a show for BBC II here came back on a holiday with twin sister Luiza Among others the twins took a pair of twin roosterfish and snapper. They commented how they were really impressed with the service in the spa. Keith Lowe made a trip to the inshore “deep water” and took several grouper to 25 lbs along with some tilefish.

Each month our visual media producer assembles highlights from the previous month’s inshore and offshore fishing action. We hope you enjoy this highlight “reel” featuring February action at Crocodile Bay.

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