Costa Rica Fishing Report August 2011 – Whale Watching, Rooster Rampage and More!

Humpback Whale Breech - Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Fishing Report 2011

Humpbacks in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

Crocodile Bay 2011 Costa Rica Fishing Reports: August Costa Rica Fishing Report by Todd Staley Fishing Director, Crocodile Bay Resort Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica I really like this time of year. The weather is a little cooler, the inshore fishing is good and the humpback whales are in. I personally like to tangle with snapper over the many reefs inside the gulf. On the fishing trip the other day I only wet-a-line for a half hour and spent the rest of the day watching whales from a distance. We spotted 12 different whales and watched them teach their young one how to breach and dive. The highlight was watching a mama nurse her calf in a quiet cove on the far end of the gulf. Jupp Kerckerinck who heads up the Shark Research Institute, an organization devoted to stop shark finning worldwide took the humpback photos. For more information on shark conservation visit Humpback whale photos courtesy Jupp Kerckerinck Check out this short YouTube video clip of the humpback whales pictured above – shot with Todd Staley’s legendary cell phone! But in the short time I was fishing, I got bit by something that baffles me. In the more years than I would like to admit I have been fishing – I have never seen anything like it. My rod doubled and then went slack. I left my bait still because snapper will often return and strike again. When I didn’t get a second bite I reeled up to check my bait. It had been cut by something with razor sharp teeth with the precision of a surgeon. And no it wasn’t a surgeon fish although we catch them here. I posted a picture here if anyone knows what it might be let me know because I have no idea. Tuna is making up for most of the offshore fishing action. Lots of football size tuna and some bigger ones also. Steve and Brenda Johnson took a couple in the 40 to 60 pound range and Joseph Gioseffi’s group caught enough smaller tuna to make tuna steaks and sashimi for ten. Steve and Brenda, if your reading we’re waiting for photos! LIVE UPDATE: 3:26 PM – Aug 25, 2011- Joseph Gioseffi’s group just came in from a day of inshore fishing with 10 Roosters (one at around 80lbs) three snapper (two over 20lbs) some pompano, jacks and barracuda! Photos to come! I used to wonder why anyone would go to an exotic fishing location by themselves. After years of watching people wait for their fishing partners or babysit them, I realized there is nothing strange about it. For some like Casey McCartin it is the best option. A school teacher from San Diego, McCartin likes the freedom of traveling alone. Casey McCartin pictured above and below – with first mate Anthony Lee Santos – A warm “thank you” to Casey who joined the Crocodile Bay “Catch an Education” program donating 10% of his trip to the local bilingual school in Puerto Jimenez! He took advantage of the good inshore bite and took some real quality fish also. Deep jigging brought him amberjack to 45 pounds. He had a spectacular day when he took two trophy roosterfish, one going 50 pounds and the other a whopping 70 pounds. His mixed bag included some tuna, African Pompano and snapper. If Kay Dolittle is reading this she knows how happy I was when honeymooners Michael and Jessica Freedman brought a nice broomtail grouper back to the lodge for dinner. The whales will be here for about another 5 weeks. Capt Todd Staley Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica Read Fishing Reports from the previous months of 2011 and earlier here Book an all-inclusive fishing adventure at Crocodile Bay

Todd Staley is has been Costa Rica’s sport fishing director for 14 years. If you have questions regarding the best time of year to fish with us or what species to target email
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