Costa Rica Fishing Report, April 2015

030Costa Rica Fishing Report, April 2015 by Todd Staley – Just got back from my busman’s holiday fishing adventure to Mexico. I took the trip I was awarded by the IGFA by winning the Chester H. Wolfe, Sportsman of the Year award to Isla Mujeres . I fished with Capt Anthony Mendillo on the Keen M. I don’t think you could find a finer fishing crew anywhere. In adverse conditions he managed to find us some sails and dorados on the first day out and then a northeaster blew down from the states and we were stuck on shore for the next two days of our scheduled trip.

It made me realized just how blessed we are here by generally calm seas. In 16 years of operation, We have been chased off the water one time by weather and kept off the ocean just one other day.


Fishing the last 5 days has been very good. Boats are raising over a dozen sails each a day and some days over twenty. Top boat this week went 14 for 28 and most everyone is getting their fill of this pre-spawn activity. Ken Smith and his family had lemons turn to lemonade when they had to postpone their trip a couple of weeks back because the Turrialba volcano burped and closed air transportation down for a little over a day. What started as a disappointment turned into a hay day as the whole family caught multiple sails.

Inshore has seen little action as everyone is going after the sails but the few that stayed inside injoyed dinner sized snapper, some roosters and African pompano.

Todd Staley
Fishing Director
Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

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