Fishing Report – Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica October 23rd, 2014

Crocodile Bay will soon open it's doors for the 16th season…

Jungle Night Walk

Hunt or be hunted is the nighttime order of the rainforest, when many animals are active. In this tour, we observe “survival of the fittest.”

Bird Watching – In Depth

In these 2½ days, we will take the time to focus on a variety of habitats. This tour package can be customized to focus on target species.

Bird Watching Introduction

Nowhere in Costa Rica are the birds more colorful and diverse than on the Osa Peninsula and around our resort.

Reptile and Amphibian Tour

This tour was established for those who have a special interest in Reptiles and Amphibians, and want to learn more about them.

Corcovado National Park

Corcovado is the crown jewel in the extensive system of national parks and wildlife preserves in Costa Rica.

The Osa Rainforest

If you do only one, this is the eco-tour we recommend to give you a sense of what the rainforest is all about.

Monkey Tour

The Osa Peninsula is the only area of Costa Rica where all four species of monkeys are present.