Crocodile Bay Employee of the Month – Beau Williams

Crocodile Bay Employee of the Month
Beau Williams

Beau (middle) with his wife Kerem and daughter Angel in 2019.

Crocodile Bay Resort is a family-owned business built by the Williams family in1999. Beau Williams, the oldest son, first visited Costa Rica in 1993 with his brother, father and grandfather on vacation, and eventually started working at the resort at the age of 22 as part of the construction crew for a summer job. Being magnetized towards nature and the outdoors since childhood, Beau remembers being instantly captivated by Costa Rica’s vibrant wildlife and vowed to return as soon as possible after completing his degree in psychology. Beau returned to Crocodile Bay full-time in 2000 as the eco-tour director and during 2005 became the hotel’s general manager, a position he held until 2018. Since then he’s been working in hotel operations and yet is still always looking for an excuse to go outside!

Beau (middle) with his father Robin (left) and brother Cory (right) in 1999.

Beau says, “My first memory of Costa Rica was a tri-generational trip. I was a young teenager at that time, and while I was very close with my father and grandfather, I specifically remember how seeing such amazing wildlife and nature outdoors seemed to reduce them to acting like excited children as well. It was as if for that week, we were all in such constant awe of nature that suddenly we had shared this great experience together because we were able to bond on a similar level as equals- all Mother Nature’s children if you will. My favorite part of this job is helping families to share their time in a beautiful natural outdoor setting in hopes that allows them to bond on a deeper level as well”.

Beau volunteering at a community event providing free or low cost medical care to locals.

Beau says what he enjoys most about living on the Osa Peninsula is the sense of cooperation in the community, and as he puts it, “we’re all on the same team here”. He is involved in various community efforts around the peninsula and Puerto Jimenez. He is, without a doubt, one of the main driving forces behind Crocodile Bay’s active community engagement. Beau himself volunteers his own time in various community efforts and is very adamant about his belief that responsible tourism can be the best financial engine to help developing communities. “I am continually impressed by how many Costa Ricans are willing to donate their time and energy to keep their communities clean. If local businesses can continue to financially subsidize the areas that the government cannot, we will be able to continue to create new programs together (like the recycle group) while we continue to educate future generations on how tourism jobs can financially stimulate entire communities and motivate everyone to keep the country pristine for future generations to enjoy.”

Beau is an active person and enjoys nature and outdoor activities, such as surfing, tennis, volleyball, running, kayaking, mountain biking, and so much more. He feels lucky to be able to share the natural beauty with his Costa Rican born daughter Angel and his wife, Kerem. Beau sees his life continuing here on the Osa Peninsula, and says he strives to be “an honorable and trustworthy member of the community, in hopes that I can begin to give to my neighbors as much as they have given to me.”