Sea Turtle Tours in Costa Rica

Sea Turtle Rescue Tour

The project of the Sea Turtle Rescue Tour is called “Osa in the water” located on Playa Blanca, close to Puerto Jiménez and is organized by WIDECAST an international, independent, nonprofit organization that supports local sea turtle conservation.

The dynamics of the local sea turtle populations are poorly understood, and while some information on females has been gathered from nesting beaches, little is known about the population structure, genetic origin or in-water habitats. Sea Turtles only spend 1% of their life on the nesting beaches and due to this behavioral pattern, only adult females may be studied. Little or no information is available about the juvenile population, or the sex ratios of adult populations. As a result, there is a need to enter the habitats used by sea turtles in different stages of life to assess the types of threats sea turtles are exposed to in nesting beaches, as well as coastal and open waters. You can help this initiative, join this full day research trip to see the turtles in their natural habitat, swimming, holding and working with them to make sure that they are healthy while collecting data along with the researchers. Do not forget your sun block and swimsuit!

Full day tours available. 2-person minimum

*24 hours notice required.

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