Botanika Resort

The Spa at Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica

Mother Nature is going to make you feel alive. She is also going to make you sweat and put you into situations where you’ll get dirty and sport a few noble bumps and bruises. Following an intense display of the finest she has to offer, the medicinal-like treatments of The Spa become a rewarding necessity.

Modern in design, this 5,000 square-foot spa refuge will help restore your body and spirit. The full-service treatments include locally grown organic fruits and herbs to create healing power of the purest origins. With an extensive menu of more than 30 customizable therapies, there’s no doubt that The Spa may quickly become the welcomed final leg of all your fishing excursions and eco-adventures.

Daily appointments

Costa Rica Spa

  • 10:00am – 12:00pm / 1:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Appointments must be made at least 1 hour in advance
  • Please arrive prior to your scheduled treatment to shower and enjoy our lounge.

Crocodile Bay has been chosen as a “Top Ten Winter Escape” by Healing, Lifestyles and Spa Magazine.

Healing Therapies Offered by the Spa at Crocodile Bay

Exploring natural treatment options? Are you interested in getting a massage but don’t know which style to choose? Here is a quick guide to the massages available at Crocodile Bay to help you figure out which massage therapy style is right for you.

Costa Rica Spa

Swedish Massage
This is the most common type of massage therapy. Massage therapists use long smooth strokes and kneading circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using organic lavender massage lotion.
Swedish massage therapy is gentle and relaxing. If you’ve never had a massage before, this is a good one to try first.


Hot Stones Massage
Heated, smooth stones are placed on certain points on the body to warm and loosen tight muscles and balance energy centers in the body. Hot stone massage is an excellent choice for people with muscle tension; the warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.


Sport Massage
Sport massage is specifically designed for people involved in regular or even sporadic physical activity. The focus is on preventing and treating injury and enhancing athletic performance.

Hot Rocks Massage

Reflexology with Stones
Specific areas on the feet and hands correspond to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body.
This theory is reflected as follows:

  • the head is reflected in the tips of the toes
  • the heart and chest are around the ball of the foot
  • the liver, pancreas and kidney are in the arch of the foot
  • lower back and intestines are towards the heel

Applying pressure to these reflex areas can promote health in the corresponding organs through energetic pathways. The pressure may send signals that balance the nervous system or release chemicals such as endorphins that reduce pain and stress.
Reflexology is very relaxing, especially for people who stand on their feet all day or just have tired, achy feet.

I have traveled the world for the past 20 years as the wife of a Major League Baseball player. During that time I have visited spas throughout the United States, Canada and Japan. I have found the Spa at Crocodile Bay Resort to be right up there with the best.
Debbie Boggs, Wife of Wade Boggs, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer

Special Healing Therapies at Crocodile Bay Resort Spa


Crocodile Bay Special

A total body corporal exfoliation formulated with special marine salt, botanical ingredients and rich minerals. This treatment stimulates the circulation, detoxifies, activates and re-mineralizes the skin leaving it silky smooth and moisturized. It is the ideal remedy to aid in the reduction of cellulite and water retention and also prepares the skin for better absorption of the products used in further treatments. This is followed by a Swedish massage to release the tension accumulated from daily activities. Other benefits are increased blood circulation, mental and physical relaxation, decreased stress and muscle tension, and improved range of motion. The treatment is finished up with a banana facial mask. If your skin has been damaged by the winter weather or been burned by the sun, the Banana Mask is the perfect remedy. It also serves as an anti-aging agent, keeping your skin fresh and giving it a smooth feel for naturally radiant skin. So, as you can see, this Croc Bay Special combines three of the most popular treatments into one package. This makes it the ideal first experience at the Spa, and gives you a preview of the many different options you have to enjoy when you return the following days.


Tropical Fruit Massage and Body Wrap, Vitamin Therapy for the Skin!

Extracts of many tropical fruits provide nutrients beneficial to our skin. For example: apricot assists in cellular regeneration; coconut helps to firm the skin; peach is an effective topical application used to reduce the effects of eczema; pear has been known to help during acne outbreaks; pineapple has been used in the fight against cellulite; melon is used as a purifier; papaya is great for overall healing and extracts of lemon and orange are excellent cleansers. Mango and banana are popular ingredients used in facial applications.

Our Tropical Fruit Massage and Body Wrap combines an exotic blend of oils, aromatic essences and 100% natural fruit as an application used for a gentle body massage. A soothing body wrap follows to enhance absorption of the ingredients. We all know the powerful benefits of eating fruit, let us show you another.

Skin Care Treatments

bananamaskA facial is a great way to take care of your skin. The cleanliness of the skin is one of the principal secrets of facial beauty. Freeing the skin of impurities is fundamental to the prevention of premature aging and wrinkles. Facial masks are most commonly used by women, but are also used by men. We have a specialized product for men’s skin treatment.

The main steps in taking care of the skin are: cleansing, exfoliation and manual extraction techniques to deep clean the pores and remove impurities.

Not only do we use the finest organic and cosmetic products for our facials, we also apply them using a High Frequency unit which emits ultraviolet rays that can benefit the skin in many ways; increasing glandular activity, stimulating the circulation of blood and helping the skin care products penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

We offer facials to deep clean your pores in addition to masks which will revitalize and refresh your skin. I invite you to visit our Spa and we will suggest the facial most appropriate for your skin condition and type.

  • Most soaps are detergent based and can alter the pH level of the skin. The normal pH level is 5.5, the aggressive actions of soap can strip the skin of its natural protective layer of oil leaving the skin dry and susceptible to bacterial infections such as blemishes.
  • Soaps made with pure natural ingredients contain active ingredients that fight the ageing process.
  • Some products when used on freshly shaved skin may cause irritation so it is recommended to wait 8 hours before having a facial.
All of our facials include manual extraction techniques to deep clean the pores and remove impurities. Enjoy a hand, foot and neck massage while waiting for the facial mask to dry. Our mask only treatments do not include these additional techniques.

Facial Treatments

Natural Spa Facial

This facial begins with a cleansing, exfoliation and extraction. A volcanic clay mask follows to regenerate the skin cells. A facial massage completes this treatment.

80 Minutes

Re-Hydration Facial

A very relaxing facial that includes cleansing, light exfoliation, extraction, honey and milk mask and moisturizer.You’ll love the way your skin feels to the touch and looks to others.

80 Minutes

Aloe Vera Facial

A natural cleanser is used to remove all dirt residues from the skin followed by a light polish to remove dead skin cells. A soothing tonic and an organically grown aloe vera gel mask complete the treatment.

50 Minutes

After Sun Facial

This facial includes cleansing, exfoliation extraction and recovery agents specifically designed for people who have been exposed to the sun for prolonged periods of time. The regenerative and invigorating properties of vegetable extract rehydrates sun burned skin.

50 Minutes

Volcanic Clay Mask

Costa Rica’s abundant volcanic activity provides very pure, mineral-rich clay that we use to remove impurities from your skin. A clay mask is applied and allowed to dry after a gentle cleansing. An application of toning cream completes this treatment.

30 Minutes

Selva de Osa Mud Mask

This all natural therapeutic mud is carefully extracted from a biological diverse area of the Osa Peninsula rich in ancient mineral deposits. Selva de Osa possesses the perfect properties to remove oils and impurities from the skin leaving it feeling smooth, soft and rejuvenated.

30 Minutes

Banana Facial Mask

This facial treatment takes advantage of the great hydrating properties of banana to regenerate and revitalize your skin. Natural banana mix is applied to the face followed by a gentle massage.

30 Minutes


Full Body Treatments

Our scrubs are a relaxing and natural path to rejuvenation. The skin is prepared for better penetration of the products that will be applied during the massages or other treatments.

Sea Salt Polish

Enjoy the afterglow of this invigorating, deeply cleansing treatment. Let the minerals and organic essential oils detoxify and relax your muscles. While salt and seaweed smooth and tone, green tea renews and rehydrates, leaving your skin as soft as silk.

50 Minutes

Coffee Polish

Arouse your senses with an organic Costa Rican coffee-based exfoliate. Coffee has a lipolytic (fat reducing) action and stimulates microcirculation, increasing lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxins in the body. Additional oils and herbs add to the sensation and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

50 Minutes

Coconut Polish

Discover the kindness of coconut fruit and oil with this exfoliating treatment. Your skin will feel polished and smooth, especially after a long day in the tropics.

50 Minutes

Chocolate Massage and Wrap

A gentle massage with wrap Costa Rican chocolate makes this an experience you don’t want to miss.

50 Minutes

Aloe Vera Wrap

A body mask of cool organic aloe vera gel applied with a gentle massage to soothe, relax and refresh sun damaged skin.

50 Minutes

Volcanic Clay Body Wrap with Banana Leaves

The soothing effects of volcanic clay mixed with water extracted from Ylang-Ylang flowers is gently applied to your body then covered with banana leaves to promote absorption of these enriching properties. An aloe vera facial mask is applied while resting in this serene cocoon.

50 Minutes

Tropical Fruit Body Wrap

A mix of tropical fruit and oils is first used in a full body massage. Your body is then wrapped in a plastic sheet to promote further absorption of this exotic blend into your skin. Finally, a luke warm shower reveals the results of this extraordinary treatment: smooth, silky-soft hydrated skin.

50 Minutes

Costa Rica Fishing and Spa Packages

Special Treatments

Tired Legs Massage

Soft exfoliation is followed by alternating warm and cool gel that stimulate blood flow and improve circulation. This is wonderful after any strenuous activity.

50 Minutes

Cleopatra’s Massage

A silky warm milk mousse that hydrates and nourishes your entire body.

50 Minutes

“Pearl” (A Luxury Body and Facial Treatment)

The products used in this treatment are inspired by the wonders of the universe and the infinite benefits of the sea. Ideal for all skin types.

1 Hour 50 Minutes

“Gold” (A Luxury Body Treatment)

Ultimate renewal! Sophisticated therapy that wraps the skin in a fine golden veil contributing vitality and helping to prevent aging of the skin. This treatment concludes with an application of body moisturizer.

50 Minutes

Special Facial for Men

Exclusive professional treatment that helps to correct skin imbalances as a result of skin fatigue, such as dry, rough skin texture that lacks luminosity. Natural products (Birch sap, trace elements, vitamin C) provide the properties needed for rehydration. These products combined with relaxing massage techniques on your neck and shoulders provide immediate results.

Back & Shoulders Stones Massage

Since the beginning of time, many ancient cultures have used the healing power of stones for both medicinal and spiritual purposes. Stones are placed on key energy points of the body, evoking an aura of warmth while the deep penetrating heat from the stone is used to massage your back and shoulders.

Reflexology with Stones Massage

Reflexology utilizes precise techniques used to reduce tension. The lower legs, feet and ankles are massaged, using the deep penetrating heat from stones of various sizes. For many people, this is the ultimate relaxing massage, which also improves circulation in a much needed area of the body.

“Awaken your senses”

Head, Scalp, Neck, Shoulders and Face Massage
This very relaxing massage begins with a facial cleaning, exfoliation, toning and the application of a hydrating cream. This is followed by a massage of your head, neck and shoulders to further promote peace and relaxation.

Massage Treatments

Swedish Massage

A medium strength, full body massage designed to release muscular tension and leave your skin feeling soft to the touch and glowing to others.

Sports Massage

A deep tissue massage that revives the muscle groups most affected after an active day.
We recommended this for those who like stronger pressure.

50 Minutes $105 * 80 Minutes $155

Neck, Back & Shoulders – “Anglers’ Choice”

This massage releases the tension and stress that are often stored in these areas, leaving you relaxed and ready to resume your vacation activities.

45 Minutes –  80 Minutes

Herbal Massage

Full body massage combined with aromatherapy essences to release tension and nourish the skin. Peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon aromas will give you a feeling of harmony and peace.

50 Minutes  80 Minutes $125

Tandem Massage

Two persons together in the same room
The perfect massage for couples, friends, mothers and daughters.These massages are performed by two therapists on two tables in one room. The relaxing effect of aromatherapy helps to make this a memorable treatment with your favorite person.

Bamboo Massage

Bamboo massage uses different sizes of bamboo sticks to relieve muscle tension. These sticks provide deep and smooth pressure. Please inform the therapist of your preference for intensity.

50 Minutes $85 * 80 Minutes $125

The prices shown below are for two people


  • Swedish – 50min. $185 * 80min. $265
  • Herbal – 50 Minutes $165 * 80 Minutes $245
  • Bamboo – 50 Minutes $165 * 80 Minutes $245
  • Sports Massage – 50 Minutes $205 * 80 Minutes $305
  • Neck, Back & Shoulders – “Anglers’ Choice” – 45 Minutes – $125 * 80 Minutes $205
  • Head, Neck and Face Massage – 50 Minutes- $165
  • Back & Shoulders Stones Massage – 50 Minutes – $185
  • Reflexology with Stones Massage – 50 Minutes – $165
  • Hot Stones Massage – 80 Minutes – $265
  • Tired Legs Massage – 50 Minutes – $185

*Cancellation Policy: We require 1-hour notification of changes or cancellations of scheduled appointments.

*A cancellation fee of the scheduled treatment will be charged for appointments cancelled less than 1 hour prior to the appointment time or for noshows.