Get ready for the photography adventure of a lifetime as we traverse a vast and varied ecosystem crawling with an amazing array of wildlife. From incredible, brightly colored, iridescent hummingbirds buzzing through intoxicating fragrant flowers to troops of monkeys hanging from bamboo shoots by their prehensile tails. And think about this for a second, all of this is happening right outside your window but there is so much more to see and photograph. Onward we must go!

Our adventure takes place on the OSA peninsula in the lush and vibrant country of Costa Rica, a land practically overflowing with wildlife. Within a few minutes, it becomes very apparent why National Geographic has named this tropical rain forest one of the most biologically intense and diverse locations on our planet.

A couple of days on the OSA peninsula and it also becomes very apparent why no one ever wants to leave. You are surrounded by beauty that seems to captivate every one of your senses. A feast for the eyes, a symphony for the ears, a breath of fresh air, the sun on your skin mixed with the taste of fresh sweet fruit. There is a connection here that goes beyond simple words.

Available Workshop Dates

  • Oct 01-08 2022 – 8 Spots open
    Oct 9-16 2022 – Sold Out

Mark Smith’s Costa Rica Wildlife Photography Adventure Day Two – Watch Mark’s amazing photography and videography in action below:

Mark Smiths’s photos from Costa Rica


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