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Welcome to the Most Biologically Intense Place on Earth!
With over 400 exotic bird species and 200 species of mammals, this is a wildlife lovers dream come true View our list of 29 tours
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"Must Do" Costa Rica Day Tours Rainforest Canopy Zip Line, Monkey Tour, Sea Turtle Rescue, and Bird Watching round out our "must do"tours for those with limited time LEARN MORE
Costa Rica Fishing Resort  
Costa Rica Fishing New Sea Turtle Rescue Tour Check out our new line of rural and cultural tours including a hands on turtle rescue experience! These tours give back to the community and are culturally enriching LEARN MORE


Enjoy 30 of Costa Rica's Most Popular Tours at Crocodile Bay Resort!

Costa Rica EcotoursOur private Costa Rica eco tour department offers guests 29 exciting eco and adventure tours to choose from in Costa Rica's most ecologically diverse region! Below you will find our current list of available ecotours. All tours are purchased separately while at the resort.

Come find out why our region of Costa Rica was referred to by National Geographic magazine as
"the most biologically intense place on Earth"

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NEW! ALL NEW Costa Rica Day Tour Additions

Conservation Tours Rural ToursRural cultural and conservation Tours
Supporting and experiencing the rain forest in a sustainable way is the key to ensuring that these natural wonders can continue
to be enjoyed for generations to come. There are several small family businesses and groups that are working to keep local traditions
intact while at the same time attempting to assist with the conservation of the area and it´s wild inhabitants. In an attempt to support these valid causes as well as the hard working people who have created them, we are proud to offer the following new Rural, Cultural and Conservation Tours.

Rural Tour Combo

Purchase any rural tour and get 35% off any additional rural tour to make a full day and have more time to share and learn about the culture and those who defend the wildlife of this beautiful country.

  • Finca Raíces de Osa
  • Butterfly Farm  Tour       
  • Gold Panning       
  • Sea Turtle Rescue Tour
  • Finca Kobo Chocolate Farm

Sea Turtle Rescue Tour:

Sea Turtle Rescue Tour with Wide Cast1. Sea Turtle Rescue Tour: This project is called “Osa in the water” located on Playa Blanca, close to Puerto Jiménez and is organized
by WIDECAST an international, independent, nonprofit organization that supports local sea turtle conservation.
The dynamics of the local sea turtle populations are poorly understood, and while some information on females has been gathered from
nesting beaches, little is known about the population structure, genetic origin or in-water habitats. Sea Turtles only spend 1% of their life on the nesting beaches and due to this behavioral pattern, only adult females may be studied. Little or no information is available about the juvenile population, or the sex ratios of adult populations. As a result, there is a need to enter the habitats used by sea turtles in different stages of life to assess the types of threats sea turtles are exposed to in nesting beaches, as well as coastal and open waters. You can help this initiative, join this full day research trip to see the turtles in their natural habitat, swimming, holding and working with them to make sure that they are healthy while collecting data along with the researchers. Do not forget your sun block and swimsuit!

Full day and half day tours available. 2-person minimum*24 hours notice required.

Finca Raices Costa RicaFinca Raices de Osa:
Owned and operated by a local couple, this project is a thriving example of agro-ecology. This visionary farm serves as a model of success for balancing the subsistence needs of humans with preserving nature. The tour commences with a presentation of the tilapia fish farm, including the various stages of production. We proceed through organic tropical fruit orchards and fields of pineapple, banana, papaya, melon, sugar cane and manioc. We then visit the natural corridors of the farm, where well manicured trails lead you through a picturesque lowland rainforest. The tour ends with an offering to sample some of the products of the farm, which vary seasonally and are served under the shade of an enormous Kapok tree.

Half day* 2-person minimum * 12 hours notice required

Costa Rica Blue Morpho ButteflyButterfly Farm Tour:
These colorful insects are part of our lives and exist in some form almost everywhere in the world, but rarely in the numbers or variety found in Costa Rica. Sadly many of these species are disappearing. Global warming, pollution and loss of habitat are some of the factors responsible. Fortunately there are people who wish to help to preserve them, The Women’s Group of Guadalupe. They started this Butterfly Farm to work with local species for research and reproduce more butterflies inside the gardens and release them back to nature. Here you will learn about all stages of life of these amazing insects as well as how they feed and live. In an attempt to entertain while they educate, the Women´s Group will have local food prepared to share with you as thanks for your participation in helping their local efforts.

Full Day * 2-person minimum * 12 hours notice required

Costa Rica Gold PanningGold Panning: Before becoming Central America’s premier rainforest destination, the Osa Peninsula was famous for its highgrade and abundant gold deposits. Visit the claim of a local professional gold panner to learn the tricks of the trade and try your luck at striking it rich. The site for this tour is the picturesque Tiger River Valley leading into Corcovado National Park or “Don Rafael’s Farm.Find out why Columbus named this country the “Rich Coast”. If you are either skilled or lucky you will go home with real gold flakes!


Half day: * 2-person minimum * 12 hours notice required

Costa Rica Chocolate ToursFinca Kobo Chocolate Farm: This tour features one of our most important native trees… chocolate! Due to the abundance of fruiting trees, there is plentiful wildlife in the area; particularly toucans and other colorful fruit eating birds, and sometimes squirrel and white-face monkeys. In order to contrast experimental techniques of cultivation developed at the farm, the tour commences with a stroll through a traditional cocoa plantation. After a brief walk through flat land rainforest, we come to Kobo's experimental organic cocoa plantation where we learn about new methods of cultivation. We pass through an area of experimental agriculture, including a medicinal plant garden. The tour concludes with an offering of fresh fruits produced on the farm, along with pure chocolate sauce for dipping and tasty baked plantains. Closed-toed shoes are required for hiking.

Half day: * 2-person minimum * 12 hours notice required


Costa Rica Nature Walks

Come with us to see why The Osa Peninsula is considered by many to be the crown jewel of Costa Rica, and was cited by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on Earth!”

Costa Rica Rainforest TourThe Osa Rainforest:

The tropical lowland rainforest is the most species-rich land-based ecosystem on Earth. It is a land of enchantment made up of brilliantly colored birds (the scarlet macaw and the chestnut-mandible toucan), rare mammals (sloth), four species of monkeys (howler, white-faced, spider and squirrel), along with peccaries, and wild cats. If you do only one, this is the eco-tour we recommend to give you a sense of
what the rainforest is all about. Your senses will be heightened as you become one with your surroundings! This tour can be customized to accommodate all levels of physical ability. Closed-toed shoes are required for hiking.

Half day Full day * 2-person minimum *12 hours notice required

Costa Rica Monkey TourMonkey Tour: Costa Rica is home to four species of monkeys; The Spider Monkey, The Mantled Howler Monkey, The White-Throated Capuchin Monkey, and The Central American Squirrel Monkey. Our resort is located in the only area of the country where all four species are present- The Osa Peninsula. This tour is specialized to focus on the many fascinating aspects of these exciting creatures. Tour leaves at
8:00am and returns by 11:30am.

Half day: 2 person minimum * 12 hours notice required

Corcovado National Park# 8 - Corcovado National Park Rainforest:
Established in 1975, and encompassing an area of 263 square miles, Corcovado is widely considered the crown jewel in the extensive system of national parks and biological reserves spread across the country of Costa Rica. Not only is the park very popular with tropical ecologists, but any visitor, regardless of their background can expect to see an abundance of wildlife. Corcovado is large enough to support a sizeable population of the endangered Baird's Tapir, as well as large herds of white-lipped peccaries, hundreds of bird species, and several species of large cats (including jaguars, ocelots, cougars and margay). One hundred and forty species of mammals call the park home, which represents 10% of the entire mammal-species in America! If you came to Costa Rica to see the wildlife in its most natural form, as far from civilization as is currently possible, Corcovado National Park is for you.

Full day: $ 2- person minimum * (Los Patos Ranger Station by car)*12 hours notice required * This tour is physically demanding. (Weather Depending)

Costa Rica Reptiles and AmphibiansReptile and Amphibian Tour:
This tour was established for those who have a special interest in Reptiles and Amphibians, and want to learn more about them. On this
tour we will focus on the various forms of amphibians and the more famous reptiles of the area like the Ferd de Lace Viper and the Eye
Lash Viper.


Full day:* 2-person minimum*12 hours notice required * This tour is physically demanding.
(Weather Depending)

Scarlet MacawBird Watching – Intro
The wealth of Costa Rica’s avifauna, in itself, warrants a trip to our resort. With 854 species of birds in an area the size of West Virginia, Costa Rica is home to more bird species than vast continents like Europe, North America and Australia. Nowhere in Costa Rica are the birds more colorful and diverse than in the lowland rainforests surrounding our hotel. Allow our expert guides to greatly expand your birding life list or use this trip as a grand introduction into the world of birding.

Half day - Full day * 2-person minimum *12 hours notice required

Costa Rica BirdingBird Watching - In Depth:
In these 2½ days, we will take the time to focus on a variety of habitats: lower mountain along with coastal primary and secondary rainforests, forest edges, tropical orchards, pastureland, mangrove estuaries, Pacific shorelines and streamlined gallery forests. This tour package can be customized to focus on target species as well as be geared towards different levels of physical exertion. This package can also be upgraded to include pelagic boat tours and river mangrove kayaking excursions. Two & a half day package: * 2-person minimum * 24-hour notice required

Costa Rica Treefrog Red EyesJungle Night-Walk:
Hunt or be hunted is the nighttime order of the rainforest, when many animals are active. In this tour we observe “survival of the
fittest.” Night walking, as opposed to a day hike, is characterized by a much slower moving pace and a sharp inspecting eye. The tour
includes a brief stroll around some wild areas. A fresh-water lagoon near the resort yields treasures like red-eyed tree frogs and other
amphibians, exotic insects, night birds, caimans, snakes and other reptiles. Along with a knowledgeable guide, we provide flashlights
and other related equipment. The tour starts at 7:30pm.

Night: * 2-person minimum * 24 hours notice required or $25 Night Walk in the Resort Property


Costa Rica Aquatic Tours

Come with us to visit and learn about many of the different species that live in, around and under the warm waters of the Gulfo Dulce.

Mangrove Kayak or Sunset Kayak
You will paddle through the exotic and mysterious landscape of a river mangrove estuary. The serene passages of the river bring you silently alongside many beautiful aquatic birds: roseate spoonbills, boat-billed herons, and white ibis. Jesus Christ (Basilisk) lizards dart across the surface of water on webbed hind-feet. Howler and white-faced monkeys are known to frequent the mangroves. Life vests &
dry bags are provided. Single & double (Ocean Kayak brand) kayaks are available. Half day * 2-person minimum * 12 hours notice required

Sunset Ocean Kayak
Take advantage of the tranquility of an afternoon paddle in our beautiful sheltered bay. A short distance from the shore, the tour provides a commanding view of the sunset. This is a light paddle and is also an opportunity to search for local and migrating marine life such as spotted and bottled-nosed dolphins, humpback whales and sea turtles. Life vests and dry bags are provided. Single and double (Ocean Kayak brand) kayaks are available. * 2-person minimum * 12 hours notice required 

Snorkeling the Golfo Dulce by Boat
With eighty-degree waters, snorkeling in the Golfo Dulce is as inviting as it is fascinating. On this multi-dive trip you will visit a variety of marine habitats including brain-coral reefs and rock pinnacles. Colorful reef fish like parrot, angel and butterfly fish abound, as do Moorish Idols, Sergeant Majors and many others. There are Moray eels, rays, octopi, and even the occasional whale shark or sting ray. Our knowledgeable guides and captains will keep you safe and well informed while you swim with the fishes! All equipment is provided.
24 hours notice required

The Casa Orquideas Botanical Garden by Boat
A glorious morning boat ride takes you across the beautiful Golfo Dulce to the largest and most elegantly manicured botanical gardens in the region. This huge family owned garden not only contains the largest collection of orchids in the area, but also gives you an all senses experience of chocolate, cashew, and mango and other tropical fruit trees, many spices like black pepper, vanilla, ginger, and more. The gardens are centered in a road-less track of national park providing a sideshow of the birds, insects, butterflies and other wildlife that visit the gardens. Sandals or water-socks are recommended for entering and exiting the boat, and shoes are required for walking once on land. Gardens Closed Fridays.

Golfo Dulce Excursion by Boat
The Golfo Dulce, one of the most pristine tropical gulfs in the world, is surrounded by lush mountainous rainforest and mangrove wetlands. Approximately 30 miles long and nearly half an hour by boat to the far shore, it is an ideal leisurely ride for those who want to enjoy the wind in their face while viewing the sights & wildlife of the shoreline, including pelicans, turtles, and dolphins.
AM only: * 2-person minimum * 24 hours notice required

Osa Wildlife Sanctuary by Boat
Bordering a national park along the same wild stretch of coastline as the botanical gardens tour is the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary. Partake of this rare opportunity to see and even interact with some of the local rainforest creatures (like two and three-toed sloth, spider and howler monkeys, macaws, parakeets and toucans). The sanctuary rehabilitates injured or illegally captured animals while providing a permanent home for those to debilitated for the wild. Your visit to this sanctuary helps to directly fund this noble effort. AM only: 2-person minimum * 24 hours notice required


Adventure Tours

These activities are different ways to explore and enjoy nature in distinct levels. From high up in the forest at the zip line or getting muddy with a mountain bike or galloping with a horse all these tours are fun and some with more adrenaline than others.

Miramar Canopy Zip-line
Once a realm limited to scientific investigations, canopy exploration has quickly become one of the fastest growing and most sought after tour frontiers of the rainforest. We are now proud to offer one of Costa Rica’s finest and safest canopy tours. The ideal site area, a 17-acre tract of virgin forest, is called Miramar or “ocean view” referring to its commanding view of the Golfo Dulce and the surrounding rainforest. The platforms are strung along nearly a mile of rainforest canopy reaching heights of 138ft. While this tour is truly adventurous, state-of-the-art equipment is provided for utmost safety. Further, the guides are highly trained and knowledgeable in not only the techniques and safety issues, but also on the natural wonders encountered on this exciting ride through this ceiling of the rainforest. As opposed to waterfall climbing and other types of high rope activities, the zip-line is relatively effortless, and therefore appropriate for children as well as mature travelers.
Half Day: * 2-person minimum * Closed shoes recommended * 12 hours notice required

Night Miramar Canopy Zip Line
At least half of all that lives in the rainforest is active at night. Revel in the exotic sights and sounds of the jungle, with a healthy dose of adrenalin. Each of the seven platforms are illuminated to guide your approach. This version of the canopy zip-line is great for fishermen that can't miss the fishing action during the day, but realize what exciting treasures await them on shore.
Night:24 hours notice required * Leaves at 7:30pm and returns by 10:30pm.

Osa Palmas Canopy Tour
After the tremendously positive response we received from our clients who enjoyed our Miramar Zip-line tour, when another area was found and converted into a second Canopy Tour location, we could not stop ourselves from offering that one too for all the adrenaline junkies out there! The Osa Palmas Canopy Tour has 8 platforms up to 120 feet tall that allow you to view primary forest, secondary forest, and renewable plantations of trees as well as open space. The combination of breath taking views, vibrant wild life, and hair-raising adrenaline rushes are sure to make this a trip to remember!
Half Day

Surfing Pavones Beach by Boat
The “second longest left-hand curl in the world” is right across the Golfo Dulce from our resort. A 30-minute boat ride brings you to Pavones so you can ride the “three minute long left.” Whether you are beginner or advanced, our knowledgeable and helpful guides will lead you to the best spots appropriate for your level of experience. All equipment is provided. Boat eco-tours have limited availability - January through April. This tour is physically demanding.

Surfing Matapalo Beach
With hundreds of miles of uncrowded Pacific Ocean coastline, Costa Rica is a surfing Mecca. One of the best and most beautiful is the world-renowned Matapalo Beach surf-break. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, our knowledgeable and helpful guides will lead you to the best spots appropriate for your experience. All equipment is provided. This tour is physically demanding. (Dangerous surf, just expert surfers).

Cross Country Biking
See the Osa Peninsula countryside close-up and personal on our new Trek Mountain Bikes. The casual biker will experience the rolling hills and flats as he meanders along country back roads past fruit tree farms, fields, rustic casitas and rancheros. More advanced riders can explore steeper terrain leading to commanding ocean views. A support vehicle, along to take you direct to the best spots, can be used to drive to the high spots for the sheer thrill of a downhill run. Regardless of which trek you choose, numerous opportunities exist to spot exotic wildlife; like monkeys, sloth, toucans, & scarlet macaws.
Half day: 2-person minimum *12 hours notice required * Helmets provided



Short Trips

After a day of fishing or to complement one day of eco tour you can enjoy one of this activities to keep exploring more without taken so long and not going to far. Relaxing at Precious beach or walk around the grounds and visited the crocodiles an caimans will be a perfect addition for your day.

Playa Preciosa (“Precious Beach”) Shuttle
What better way to relax than on a pristine, tropical beach! It is a short drive to this secluded, unspoiled beach perfect for bodysurfing, swimming and kicking- back as you enjoy the beautiful views. A nearby outdoor bar offers access to showers, restrooms, lounge chairs, and a juice bar. Boogie boards available upon request. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. 12 hours notice required * Not cooler included.

Visit to the Crocodiles and Caimans 
To come to this Resort and not see why is call Crocodile Bay would very sad for you, lets go and explore with some of the guides and visit the beautiful lagoon where these big reptiles, live naturally. Also along the way you will have the chance to see others animals and plants making this, the perfect short tour after fishing. A Couple of Hours: for free * 12 hours notice required.

Costa Rica Fishing

World class fishing for Sailfish, Blue, Black, and Striped Marlin starts just outside the mouth of the Golfo Dulce, about thirty minutes from our 880 foot pier. The Pacific Sailfish can be caught all year and, during the winter months, it is common to raise 10 to 15 in a day. We practice catch-and-release fishing, using safer circle hooks. Our fishing director and English-speaking captains will work with you to accommodate your style, including offshore, inshore, fly-fishing and light tackle. We offer single day charter rates as well as complete, all-inclusive fishing packages.

Learn More About Inshore and Offshore Fishing Here:


Costa Rica Tours

Additional Information & Policies

Half-day morning tours depart from the reception area at 7:00am and return to the resort for lunch at 12 noon. Half-day afternoon tours depart from the reception area at 1:00pm and return to the resort by 4:30pm.Full-day tours depart from the reception area at 7:00am and return by 4:00pm.Not all tours are available every day. Please check with the Eco department for availability.

A cooler filled with drinks and fruit is provided for all half-day activities, with the addition of a picnic lunch for full-day tours. A representative of our eco-tour department is in the office in the mornings and evenings. We welcome your questions and try to accommodate requests, always with safety in mind. Most eco-tours can be customized to accommodate all levels of physical ability and endurance.


Cancellation Policy: A 50% cancellation charge will apply to any activity which a guest cancels less than 12 hours before it is scheduled to begin. Your first day eco / spa activity at the resort must be scheduled one week prior to arrival. Failure to schedule your first day activity may result in your choice not being available. All prices are per person. A two person minimum applies to most tours which may be met by combining guests from separate travel parties if available.


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