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Welcome to Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

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Welcome to  Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula

“The most biologically intense place on Earth” — National Geographic Magazine

Join us for the Costa Rica fishing or ecotour vacation of a lifetime. There is no other place where you will feel more connected to the natural world than when you’re on the Osa Peninsula, where the edge of Costa Rica’s largest coastal rainforest meets the Pacific; and, at its heart is Crocodile Bay Eco-Resort. From the moment you arrive, a once unattainable world of adventure will unfold before you like the calm and welcoming waters of the Golfo Dulce.

  • 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity is outside your front door
  • Costa Rica is 200 times smaller than the United States and the Osa constitutes a mere 3% of Costa Rica—yet the Osa has the same number of plant and animal species as the entire United States.
  • Four different species of endangered sea turtles come to nest here.
  • All four species of monkeys found in Costa Rica thrive here, along with the largest population of Scarlet Macaws north of the Equator.
  • Central America’s largest remaining Pacific lowland rainforest and 50% of all plant and animal species in Costa Rica can be found here.
  • Just-Caught Ocean to Table Dining
  • This is the center of the “South Central American Pacific Slope,” which is classified as one of the most important endemic-bird areas in the world.
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Crocodile Bay is easy to get to from anywhere in the Americas via San Jose Costa Rica International Airport (SJO).

Adventure on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula – by Lonely Planet

Crocodile Bay Resort Fishing Lodge and Resort Location

A Jaguar in Costa Rica

It’s not uncommon to use superlatives when describing Sport Fishing and Eco Tours in the Península de Osa and the Golfo Dulce (Sweet Gulf – home to Crocodile Bay Resort). National Geographic famously described it as ‘the most biologically intense place on Earth.’ That’s right, on Earth.

Containing a huge swath of Pacific rain forest, the Osa is teeming with life. What’s more, you can actually see it. From the army ants toiling away, to the scarlet macaws squawking in the almond trees, from Baird’s tapirs hanging around Sirena ranger station, to the four species of monkeys swinging in the trees, this is undoubtedly Costa Rica’s top spot to witness life at its wildest. And not only in Parque Nacional Corcovado – although that’s the obvious place – but also in the surrounding reserves that create a biological corridor around the gulf. And there are plenty of sleepy beachside towns like Puerto Jimenez, to laze around in plus brilliant surfing at Pavones.

The peninsula protects the Golfo Dulce from the powerful Pacific, attracting groups fish, whales and dolphins to its tranquil waters. Fringing the bay, miles of shoreline are populated with swaying palms and prodigious birdlife, but hardly a human soul.

While the Guaymí Indians were the earliest inhabitants of the Osa and still live here, much of this area was never populated or developed by Ticos. It means that roads are poor and most of the peninsula is still off the grid. In recent years, all those superlatives have attracted the attention of gringos who want to trade in their workaday world for a piece of paradise.

Where is Crocodile Bay Resort?

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Dennis Atencio is our Eco Director and Specialist Tour Guide. He’ll show you the best that the Osa Peninsula has to offer, and will guide you through an unforgettable experience. He is also one of our amazing travel experts. Dennis and his team are always happy to set up any tour experience for you while you’re at the Crocodile Bay Resort.
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Our travel experts have 15 years of experience in building inshore, offshore, flyfishing and adventure vacaations in Costa Rica. Call to Customize your package in Costa Rica’s crown jewel, The Osa Peninsula, today!

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Monkey Tour

Costa Rica is home to four species of monkeys; The Spider Monkey, The Mantled Howler Monkey, The White-Throated Capuchin Monkey, and The Central American Squirrel Monkey.

Sea Turtle Rescue Tour

The project of the Sea Turtle Rescue Tour is called “Osa in the water” located on Playa Blanca, close to Puerto Jiménez and is organized by WIDECAST an international, independent, nonpr

Rural Cultural and Conservation Tours

Supporting and experiencing the rain forest in a sustainable way is the key to ensuring that these natural wonders can continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.
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