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Crocodile Bay 2006 Fishing Reports:

Crocodile Bay Resort:
Costa Rica Fishing Report, Dec 2006
By Todd Staley

Costa Rica Fishing

There have been more ladies strutting their stuff down a cobalt runway than you could see watching the Fashion Channel for a week straight. Marlin are everywhere. We had the best November in our 8-year history as far as marlin go and the first week of December showed no signs of slowing down. Anglers landed marlin every day since my last report except one and on that day most anglers opted to fish inshore. Some of the highlights the last two weeks were, Bill Liljemark’s 500 pounder who kept him out till dinner time winning the battle, Trapper Rudd’s 175 lb marlin caught on a fly, and Garth Carlson who brought a group of buddies down before heading back to Iraq and caught a 200 lb and the littlest bruiser to date here, a 60 pounder on the same day. Mike Pizzi was down with his wife Tracey. Although he had his chance and the marlin eluded him once again his annual Thanksgiving turkey dressing and meatballs and sausage were much appreciated. Some may disagree with me, but the only games of inches I know are American football and snapper fishing. If you don’t get them turned in the first few seconds of the battle, it’s ‘Adios Gringo.” Jason Cohn had a snapper experience many only dream of. While reeling in a small snapper a giant pumpkin of a cubera snapper swallowed Jason’s fish headed for the depths. It nearly brought him to his knees but of course the hook didn’t grab. His next bait down was gulped up rapidly and when the dust settled a 49 lb cubera snapper was in the boat. Jason said the first fish that ate was much bigger than the monster just shy of 50 pounds. Roosters have been a little picky but snappers, African pompano, trevally and jacks have filled the void. A 60-pound rooster topped off the list of inshore catches.

Trapper Rudd of Cutthroat Anglers had this to say:

"Todd, Jeff,
Thanks a ton for the opportunity to come down. My family and I were blown away by the hospitality!! The entire staff was so polite and wonderful. My wife and children want to move there. The crew of Edgar, William and Francisco were the best "Big Game" crew I have ever fished with. Without their expertise in "teasing" and boat handling, this Blue Marlin could not have been landed on a fly rod. Edgar estimates the Marlin to weigh around 150 to 175. It was by far the strongest fish I have ever battled on a fly. Even big Tarpon cannot match the muscle-power of this magnificent blue water creature. I believe it took between 30 to 40 minutes to land it. Of course, it was released."

Trapper Rudd
Owner & Guide
Cutthroat Anglers
Silverthorne, Colorado

Todd Staley,
Fishing Director
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica


Crocodile Bay Resort:
Costa Rica Fishing Report, March 2006
By Todd Staley

Even though February started off a little slow, the fish decided to cooperate and make it an excellent month. 3,731 sailfish came up into the teasers and anglers bagged just over 30% of those which is a fair number considering the number of fly fisherman we saw. Marlin inreased a tad since January with 76 making an appearance.

Dorado is starting to thin out as usual for this time of year and the tuna haven't made a good show as of late. This hasn't bothered anglers though as most boats are double digits on billfish. We continue to take a couple of roosters every week over 50#, and the snapper have been coopertive but not large as of late. Some prime dates are still available in March so come on down and get your line wet!

Todd Staley,
Fishing Director
Crocodile Bay Lodge
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Crocodile Bay Resort:
Costa Rica Fishing Report, May 2006
By Todd Staley

Lights, Camera, Action!
4 Major Shows Visit Crocodile Bay!
ESPN, Gander Mountain, On the Hook and Cabela's

Give a fishing director of any lodge a cold front, a full moon, and four TV fishing shows all at the same time and they just might end up on a shrink’s couch.
Tom Ackerman from New American Sportsman was shooting with country star Trace Adkins, who flew straight in from the CMT awards. Mark Maus was filming for Cabela’s. Mike Schoby was here with Gander Mountain’s new show "We live Outdoors", and David Sloan was with Boston Whaler filming his show, On the Hook.

Trace Adkins (above) flew straight in to Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica from the CMT Music Awards.
No one told the sailfish how much money these guys invest to put out a good show, nor do I think they would care if they did. Can’t blame it on the moon because they bit right through the full moons in February and March. The front brought with it some rain, but they don’t call it a rainforest for nothing.
It is an honor to have these guys down here because they choose their destinations carefully. They want a place that’s interesting to their millions of viewers as well as a place they stand a good chance of catching lots of fish. In our seven years of operation, 53 shows have been filmed here. We thank all of them for having the confidence in us at Crocodile Bay and our fishery.
They are all looking for the shot that separates them from the rest. We have had them riding whale sharks, touching humpback whales and swimming amongst a school of a thousand porpoises with 200 lb yellowfin tuna underneath. Mark Sosin won an award for his show when the airline lost his fishing equipment and he went to the jungle to film the animals. This “B” roll footage made the difference. Babe Winkleman filmed his wife Chris catch the lodge record roosterfish at 106 lbs. O’Neill Williams took a 55 lb roosterfish on 10 lb freshwater bass gear on film.
But to have four here at the same time and Mother Nature in a bad mood!
Ackerman and Adkins opted for roosterfish and bagged 8 that hadn’t yet heard of the Screen Actors Guild before zooming through the canopy of the rainforest on our new zip line tour. Sloan found a few sails that didn’t get the word on the strike and George Hetzel from Boston Whaler joined in the fun.
Mark Maus had the most luck number wise, taking 7 sails and got some great footage of the “bait and switch”, and cameraman Bo Newsome got some great underwater stuff.
Mike Schoby’s feet probably hasn’t touched the ground yet. Based out of Minnesota, Schoby doesn’t get a chance to venture out into the ocean much and blue water fishing was new to him. An avid “fly guy” he wanted to chance big saltwater game fish. He captured his girlfriend Doris take a couple of nice sails on film and decided it was time to try the fly rod. Next fish up………….a blue marlin! Many an angler has dreamed of this opportunity for years and never have had the chance to cast to a marlin.


The fish didn’t hesitate and gulped the big pink fly. When it felt the sting of the hook set, it took off like a big blue bottle rocket with fins, skipping across the surface. Finally the fish slowed and after a two hour tug of war, the 200 lb fish was released. A magic moment in fishing televison.

The front and the moon has passed, fishing is picking up again. Each boat on the water had 15 to 20 fish up in the teasers yesterday.

Todd Staley,
Fishing Director
Crocodile Bay Lodge
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Crocodile Bay Resort:
Costa Rica Fishing Report, Sept 2006
By Todd Staley

We had a big run on Yellowfin tuna this week with schools hanging in the area most of the week. Eight anglers from the Miami Billfish tournament were down and connected with tuna from 30 lbs to over 200 lbs and had a bonus of a 500 lb blue marlin. Several marlin have made a showing this week. I guess they are in munching on the tuna.

Eric Pirie had a group of friends from New Jersey with him that combined inshore fishing with surfing. They hit the jackpot at Matapalo Rock one morning with 4 roosterfish over 50 lbs with the largest going 65 lbs.

Most of our rain has been falling at night so the daytime fishing conditions have been good.

Todd Staley
Fishing Director
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Crocodile Bay Resort:
Costa Rica Fishing Report, Nov 2006
By Todd Staley

November Kickoff at Crocodile Bay Resort:
Starring "The Lady in Blue"

Just about everyone left with a smile that passed through here the last couple of weeks as our 8th season got off to a fishy start. The girls dressed in blue are here and averaging 200 to 350 lbs. We have been landing almost one or two marlin everyday with others giving anglers their run for the money. Why are the marlin here now. Dorado and tuna are plentiful and the marlin are slurping them up like me when I get around Pizzi's Italian meatballs. The sails haven't moved in real strong yet but should be soon. There is enough stuff out there stretching string that no one has hardly noticed.
Inshore the snapper and bluefin trevally have been real cooperative while the roosters have been finicky. Big snapper this week went 35 lbs
Todd Staley
Fishing Director
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica


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