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Crocodile Bay Fishing Report - May 2012
By Fishing Director Todd Staley

Todd Staley Costa Rica Fishing DirectorI am very happy to be writing this report. First I would like to thank Will Breigel, our internet and marketing guru for filling in for me after the car accident in which every day I realize how lucky I am. I am almost fully recovered, my wife more seriously injured than I is recovering slowly. She was thrown from the vehicle and it passed over her as we rolled 200 feet down a mountain side. Thanks to those of you, who called our sent e-mails checking on us.

The month of April brought lots of fish for some and not so many for others. Boston Whaler was down again on their annual trip, a tradition since 2001. There were a lot of first timers in the group and most every one of them took billfish off their bucket list before they left. Once again they put together a tournament and then donated all the winnings to the school here. Over the years, they have put a roof and floor in the kindergarten, bought new desks for the first grade, help both public and private schools and bought camping equipment for the scouts. Hat’s off to Boston Whaler.

Ed Beattie brought a group of Cabela’s folks down and seasonal rains fell early and dropped water temps and scattered the sails. They did manage to take a few marlin and roosters. By the time Walter Oster checked in with his group from Canada, a few sails had returned. My favorite in the group was Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion. Hazel has been her cities Mayor since 1978 and is 91 years young and full of spunk. She is pictured here with a nice sail.

Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion Hazel McCallion releases a large sailfish!

Tom Cooksey from “Ventafish” brought his crew down and spent more time teaching than fishing as they worked with both Crocodile Bay captains and local artisanal fisherman demonstrating their tool that releases air from the swim bladder and allows fish caught in deep water to be released alive. They donated lot of venting devices as well as hook removers to local fisherman. You can learn more about their products at


Boston Real Estate Photography Rocky Tyrone GonetBoston real estate and hotel photographer Rocky Gonet ( Boston Real Estate Photography) came down to take some fishing and eco shots and enjoy nature with his family. 3 year old Rocky Jr. decided to start his "fishing mate" career early and caught some bait for the group on his first day out fishing. Rocky Sr. who normally fishes the florida keys got a taste of Costa Rica inshore fishing when he did battle with a feisty roosterfish. His wife Dawn and Sister-in-law Leanne had fun taking in the scenery and watching dolphins play off the bow of the boat. Here are some pics of their family adventure!

Costa Rica Dolphin


While fishing inshore we ran into a group of young black tip reef sharks who are masters of stealing bait! The young sharks were all released safely in the ocean.

black tip shark
Pictured above, Will Briegel with a juvenile black tip reef shark - safely released after a quick photo.

The last few days, fishing has been tough offshore as neither the sails or marlin showed up to play. Inshore was more productive as roosterfish from 30 to 55 lbs were taken and a few nice snapper. Since weather patterns seem to be early this year I’m hoping the annual June run of marlin will be early.  

Beautiful yellow eyed Tree Frog on the grounds of Crocodile Bay Resort!

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Crocodile Bay Fishing Report - Spring Fishing Special Report, by Fishing Director Todd Staley

Celebrity Tournament, NBC Sports, Events, Marlin and Whale Sharks and more!

Todd Staley Costa Rica Fishing DirectorMarch was one of the wildest and certainly most entertaining months we've seen in quite some time at Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica. Our hotel was full of guests, big name tournaments, celebrity events, TV shows filming, travel writers writing, and plenty of sailfish, marlin and roosterfish biting.

Although most days the sailfish were out in big numbers, getting them to bite was sometimes a challenge as water temperature, spawning, moons, and other natural phenomena sometimes frustrated anglers. However, most anglers ended their fishing vacation with ear to ear grins that could have only been the result of catching big fish.

Mid-way into April fishing has been steady with inshore being the hottest. Some early rains have moved in and caused the usual debris to wash from the rivers into the gulf causing fish to move to deeper water. Offshore the drop in water temperature slowed the sails but moved some marlin into the area.

Captain Anthony Lee Santos Reaches for a Rooster!

Our guests favorite amenity - 900 ft. private pier - straight to the fish!

CAPGuy harvey AftcoFor the second consecutive year, Crocodile Bay hosted the 31st Annual International Billfish tournament (2nd year in a row at Crocodile Bay) organized by Costa Rica’s in-country fishing powerhouse and conservation club- Club Amateur Pesca ( and believe me, there is nothing “amateur” about this fishing club. They take the direct Latin meaning of the name "amateur" or “love of the sport” very seriously. Teams from all over the world took part including Puerto Rico, USA, Costa Rica, Panama and others. In the four day event 9 boats released 155 billfish. The team of Tim Choate, his daughter Stephanie, and Nick Carullo from Miami won the event (Team USA) and Ernesto Vasquez of Puerto Rico was top angler with 14 releases. A big "thank you" to tournament sponsors Guy Harvey and Aftco for supplying the tournament Guy Harvey Shirts and Sportswear for the event!

Costa Rica Fishing TournamentNext up Crocodile Bay Hosted The "Redbone Celebrity Tournament" Working to catch the cure to Cystic Fibrosis! This annual tournament raises money for the fight against Cystic Fibrosis. This tournament always features a celebrity and this year it was none other than Major League Baseball Hall of Fame great Wade Boggs. As always Boggs, a frequent visitor to Crocodile Bay was a great host and took time to visit with other young guests in the hotel. A warm thank you to Gary and Susan Ellis of RedBone for bringing this important event to Crocodile Bay Resort!

Wade Boggs With Roosterfish Costa Rica Fishing
Wade Boggs gets ready to release this roosterfish

Catch the Cure to Cystic Fibrosis

Double Hookup

Cabela's visited us again and had a wonderful trip. Following are some photos from their April fishing adventure courtesy of John Hafner Photography:



Cabelas at Crocodile Bay Costa Rica

TV Hosts including our good friend O'Neill from NBC Sports' O'Neill Outside, ( and first time guest Huntin' with the Judges' Julie Mogen who also filmed an episode here that will air soon (

In the past month not only have we seen celebrities and anglers from across the globe, but we've also seen an increase in the number of kids taking part in the fishing salt water fishing action. 7 year old Tyler Gerstein accompanied by his mother Joy Covey (former CFO of and Utah guide Doug Askelson set out to get his first IFGA youth roosterfish record for his age bracket. He missed the mark by 5 pounds when he nabbed a 59 lb roosterfish that was heavier than he was. Although Tyler narrowly missed the record, he did find himself on Crocodile Bay’s coveted “Wall of Fame” that has taken some of Crocodile Bay’s older clientele years of repeat visits to achieve!

Tyler Roosterfish
REEL Kids - 7 Year Old Tyler shows off his monster Roosterfish on his quest for the junior IFGA record!

Crocodile Bay MVP Mike Pizzi invited his friends the Terresons down and they had a great vacation. Mr. Terreson told me it was “The best vacation he has ever taken in his life”. His wife and kids joined him for the fishing fun and Catherine Terreson age 9 caught and released two sailfish and left dad scratching his chin. The other highlight of their trip was the snorkeling excursion where they had a great day of 25 foot visibility and saw a myriad of unique species. We look forward to seeing the Terressons back again!

Catherine Terreson
No Foolin' Catherine Terreson boated this nice sailfish April 1, 2012!

Guests have been lucky enough to see lots of humpback whales in and around the gulf and over the past few weeks a pair of whale sharks has been hanging around which is a dream encounter for many marine enthusiasts.

Whaleshark Costa Rica

Humpback Whale Tail

Costa Rica Dolphin Pod

University of MiamiAdopt a Sailfish!! - The 2012 Captain Ron Hamlin Billfish Satellite Tagging Program (Download the brochure in PDF) - University of Miami, and Dr. Nelson Erhardt have introduced a new solar/hybrid tracking system that allows sailfish migrations, feeding habits, and range to be tracked for up to one year. In the past, non-solar battery operated devices only lasted a couple of months so this new tracking device gives researchers a greatly improved way to study these fish. Guests, and anglers may now "Adopt" their own sailfish which will they will be able to track from their computer or cellular device. Every device purchased will be used for rebuilding sailfish populations and offer us data on harmful and illegal long line fishing vessels currently taking up to 1,000 sailfish/day in by catch. For more information contact Todd Staley at

Sailfish Tagging Program

Welcome back to fishing director Todd Staley who was recently in nearly fatal car accident. His wife and son are fine and resting at home. Todd of course can not be kept indoors long and is already out making his rounds.

We're happy to have you back but the fish do not share our enthusiasm as you will be out chasing them again by next week!

If you're planning a Spring or Summer 2012 trip now is the time to book with Crocodile Bay! May 1st through September 30th you'll get 20% off peek season rates - we also have several other specials you can learn more about by calling 1-800-733-1115. Don' miss your chance for a fishing or eco adventure of a lifetime at the world famous Crocodile Bay Resort!

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report March 2012

Crocodile Bay Dinner

The fishing has been just as varied. We have seen some really good days and days that were aggravating to clients and hair loss days to the fishing manager. The sails bit on day and have lockjaw the next. Cold water moves in and is replaced with hot water. An earthquake of 6.1 sends fish scattering in all directions. There have been some highlights. The cold water shut the sailfish down but brought marlin in with it.

Costa Rica Sailfish

For those lucky enough to score a marlin, it weighed between 200 and 500 lbs. Dorado haven’t been plentiful, but several over 50 lbs have come to the deck.

Some days the sails would float on the top, more interested in flirting with the opposite sex than stretching a tourist’s string. Other days they went on a feed. Yesterday Saltwater Journal’s Mark Sosin landed tree out of the 11 that popped up in the teasers as most didn't’t hang around long enough to pull off the “bait and switch.”

Without the pressures of getting a show filmed, Mark is relaxing with his wife Susan. Mark is one of the pioneers of television fishing shows that I watched as a kid and Saltwater Journal was always famous for teaching as well as entertaining. Inshore has been steady for the most part but did get a little “shaky” right after the tremor.

Sailfish Jump

Costa Rica Roosterfish

Roosterfish have been the main attraction and fish up to 60 lbs have been taken. The snapper bite has been fair although the big snapper haven’t been to active, lots of dinner size fish are hitting on inshore reefs.

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Crocodile Bay Fishing Report - January 2012
Reeling in Marlin, Sailfish and the New Year at Crocodile Bay Resort!

Todd Staley Costa Rica Fishing DirectorI know what Santa Claus did after delivering all his presents across the world. He took a week off and went fishing in Costa Rica. He not only wanted to enjoy himself, but also wanted anyone with the same idea to do the same. Between Christmas and New Year, we saw some of the best marlin fishing we have seen in several years. Nothing came to the boat like Jim Nunes 650 pound blue marlin caught earlier in the month, but big numbers were here. Don Bradley booked in for 17, yes I said 17 days of fly fishing for billfish. On the first day out of the box he raised 9 marlin and managed to land a blue estimated at 300 lbs on a fly rod…wow!

Steve and Sonia Klunk stopped in for a return trip for the holidays and got off to a slow start but ended up on the top of the leader board twice before they left. Paul DeKort returned with his family for the I lost count time, and it as great to see them again and watch their kids grow over the years.

Costa Rica Sailfish
Ten Year Old Sam Schuelke nabs his first sailfish! Nice Release!

We were full over the holidays and there were so many great guests to mention them all, but one family stands out in my mind. We had three generations of the Schuelke family, Ric, Mike and10 year old Sam visit us for the first time. Rich and Mike each took a blue marlin and little Sam captured his first sailfish while here. On their inshore day they caught over 20 roosterfish.

Costa Rica Sailfish Marlin

Jeff Hill fished with his son Jacob and although they didn’t see the big numbers of roosterfish they connected with a double and each landed one of a pair of twin roosterfish that weighed 60 pounds apiece. It was a full week of action and lots of happy people in the holiday spirit. It couldn't’t last forever though. Shortly after the first of the year the numbers dropped for a few days and things slowed down.

Looks like that is going to be short lived because yesterday the boats went back into double digits and Don Bradley landed 4 out of 15 sails on the fly and Adam Johnson brought his buddies in from Texas and went 5 for 10 on conventional tackle and brought in a nice dorado for dinner. Looks like a good season is upon us.

Crocodile Bay 2011 Costa Rica Fishing Reports

Costa Rica Blue Marlin

The Lady in the Blue Dress Shows up to Welcome Guests in November!

Todd Staley Costa Rica Fishing DirectorI really like November. It is sometimes crazy to switch gears after being closed for the month of October and working shorter days, but I love the excitement of cranking up a new season. The October rains left us with lots of green water offshore the first part of the month so most anglers stayed inshore rather than put in the time to get the billfish to bite.

They were rewarded with lots of roosterfish action
and big cubera snapper. Mark Harwood who had a good ole rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas with his fishing buddy Brian took the big snapper of the week with a 44 lb monster.


Costa Rica Sailfish
Brian shows off the years first sailfish! Way to keep it in the water!

Cubera Snapper
Crocodile Bay's Maria Soto sizes up one of the many cubera snappers taken this week!

Crocodile Bay Flights Costa Rica

nature air costa rica



David Plummer’s group from England and Scotland finally broke the ice on billfish and at one point had a triple header hooked up. Day by day the water is getting cleaner and Plummer’s group also took the first marlin of the season.




Nothing quite like catching a free-range roosterfish inshore where Costa Rica's largest coastal rainforest meets the Pacific coast!

Liam Collins arrived yesterday morning and promptly told me he was out to catch a marlin. Well he certainly packed his “luck of the Irish” in his bag for the long flight to Costa Rica. First day out he bagged a 200 lb blue marlin, a sail, and three tuna in the 25 to 30 lb range. He only missed a grand slam by not getting a dorado. Last season the dorado made a sparse showing but they have been showing up in better numbers already this season. Reports from my fishing friends all along the southern coast are also telling me they are back.

That’s super good news because that means the marlin will be around in good numbers also. The blue water is about 8 miles offshore and every day is a little better. I love November

Todd Staley
Fishing Director,
Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

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October Fishing Report
by Todd Staley
Fishing Director,
Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Todd Staley Costa Rica Fishing DirectorThere is a reason Crocodile Bay Resort closes every year in October. One is because we need to do some deep cleaning on the boats, bottom paint and do a tune up on the motors. The other reason is why I am writing this under an umbrella. October is our rainiest month. Just before the rain started, Crocodile Bay used their open schedule to invite a group of 14 kids from the local high school out to explore the gulf on two Strike Yachts. The kids got a chance to see pods of dolphins and three humpback whales! (see the full photo series on our Facebook page) The young crew returned to the Crocodile Bay pier with smiles on their faces and a new perspective on ocean life.

Dolphin Watching

Kids explore Costa Rica's Golfo Dulce

Fun in the Sun

More Dolphin

By the first of November we are starting to move into the dry season and the days are sunny and if the rain falls, it is usually at night. Dorado move in offshore and hungry marlin who love to slurp down dorado and football sized tuna also move in.

Dorado Photos by Capt. Alan Smith

Dorado Photos by Capt. Alan Smith

Dorado Photos by Capt. Alan Smith

RedBone Celebrity
Celebrity Tournament and More Events This Season at Crocodile Bay! This season at Crocodile Bay we are hosting several tournaments and other exciting events. We have at least 4 fishing tournaments already scheduled, hosted by the likes of fishing greats Larry Dahlberg from “Hunt for Big Fish”, and another with fishing legend Mark Sosin of Saltwater Journal.

Wade Boggs at Crocodile Bay this YearBaseball Hall of Fame legend Wade Boggs will host a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis in the Red Bone Celebrity Series and the International Sailfish tournament will return to Crocodile Bay again this year.
(Baseball Hall of Fame legend Wade Boggs and wife Debbie Boggs pictured left will attend this years RedBone Tournament)

Information on any of these tournaments can be had at our U.S. office (800 733 1115)

Inshore fishing in November is always good with roosterfish, snapper, and other reef fish to target. The Golfo Dulce has been free of net fishing for over a year now and the fish populations are recovering nicely.

Editors Note:
Our fishing director has gone Hollywood. He took over the fishing column for the Tico Times nearly a year ago and now has his own radio fishing show on Saturday mornings. You can hear “Wetline Costa Rica” with Todd Staley every week live on the web at Visit Wetline Costa Rica with Todd Staley on Facebook for more information.

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August Costa Rica Fishing Report
by Todd Staley
Fishing Director,
Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

Todd Staley Costa Rica Fishing DirectorI really like this time of year. The weather is a little cooler, the inshore fishing is good and the humpback whales are in. I personally like to tangle with snapper over the many reefs inside the gulf.

On the fishing trip the other day I only wet-a-line for a half hour and spent the rest of the day watching whales from a distance. We spotted 12 different whales and watched them teach their young one how to breach and dive. The highlight was watching a mama nurse her calf in a quiet cove on the far end of the gulf.

Costa Rica Humpback Whale

Jupp Kerckerinck who heads up the Shark Research Institute, an
organization devoted to stop shark finning worldwide took the
humpback photos.
For more information on shark
conservation visit

costa rica whales osa peninsula

Costa Rica Whales
Humpback whale photos courtesy Jupp Kerckerinck

August 27 PHOTO UPDATE 10AM: The great people from NatureAir visited us today and were treated to some great humback whale acrobatics. They saw three whales and a pod of dolphins just outside of MataPalo point! Life's a Breech!

Costa Rica Whales
Photo above and below taken by Eco Director Dennis Atencio - Saturday August 25th
! Dennis you are a lucky man great pics!

Costa Rica Whale Watching

YouTube Fishing VideosCheck out this short YouTube video clip of the humpback whales pictured above - shot with Todd Staley's legendary cell phone!

But in the short time I was fishing, I got bit by something that baffles me. In the more years than I would like to admit I have been fishing - I have never seen anything like it. My rod doubled and then went slack. I left my bait still because snapper will often return and strike again. When I didn’t get a second bite I reeled up to check my bait. It had been cut by something with razor sharp teeth with the precision of a surgeon. And no it wasn’t a surgeon fish although we catch them here. I posted a picture here if anyone knows what it might be let me know because I have no idea.

Strange Bait!

Tuna is making up for most of the offshore fishing action. Lots of football size tuna and some bigger ones also. Steve and Brenda Johnson took a couple in the 40 to 60 pound range and Joseph Gioseffi’s group caught enough smaller tuna to make tuna steaks and sashimi for ten. Steve and Brenda, if your reading we're waiting for photos!

LIVE UPDATE: 3:26 PM - Aug 25, 2011- Joseph Gioseffi's group just came in from a day of inshore fishing with 10 Roosters (one at around 80lbs) three snapper (two over 20lbs) some pompano, jacks and barracuda! Photos to come!

Photo Update: Roosters!

Rooster Large

Roosterfish 2

Yellowfin Tuna

I used to wonder why anyone would go to an exotic fishing location by themselves. After years of watching people wait for their fishing partners or babysit them, I realized there is nothing strange about it. For some like Casey McCartin it is the best option. A school teacher from San Diego, McCartin likes the freedom of traveling alone.

Costa Rica Roosterfish
Casey McCartin pictured above and below - with first mate Anthony Lee Santos - A warm "thank you" to Casey who joined the Crocodile Bay "Catch an Education" program donating 10% of his trip to the local bilingual school in Puerto Jimenez!

Crocodile Bay Fishing

He took advantage of the good inshore bite and took some real quality fish also. Deep jigging brought him amberjack to 45 pounds.

He had a spectacular day when he took two trophy roosterfish, one going 50 pounds and the other a whopping 70 pounds. His mixed bag included some tuna, African Pompano and snapper.

If Kay Dolittle is reading this she knows how happy I was when honeymooners Michael and Jessica Freedman brought a nice broomtail grouper back to the lodge for dinner.

The whales will be here for about another 5 weeks.

Capt Todd Staley
Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica

Read Fishing Reports from the previous months of 2011 and earlier here

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Costa Rica Fishing Report

Crocodile Bay July Fishing Report
by Todd Staley

Inshore has been the ticket to the action, while offshore it’s been a hunting game. Lots of roosterfish, jacks, mackerel, and snapper have been biting along the beach and over the reefs, while offshore the game is patience. There are some marlin around but finding them is not always easy.

Maria Tuna

This time of year we don’t have as many eyes on the water because most of our guests like to escape the cold and we are much busier then. There is plenty of football size yellowfin tuna, the mainstay of a marlin’s diet around and also the best eating size, so the number of marlin are steady increasing. 


Some decent size amberjack have been fooled by those willing to put in the work that deep jigging requires and a few silk snapper have also come up from those depths.

The big news around here is the locals may have accidentally stumbled on a tarpon hatchery.

The scientific name of tarpon is Megalops Atlanticus. As the name implies they are an Atlantic species, not indigenous to Pacific waters. The Caribbean side of Costa Rica is world famous for its tarpon fishery.

The first time I encountered a tarpon in Pacific waters was in 1995, fishing in the Golfo Dulce. I was fishing up near Rio Esquinas when I saw one roll on the surface near the boat. Then another and then another. I thought I was going crazy. I asked some of the locals and they suggested I may have seen a school of milkfish. Milkfish look strikingly similar to a tarpon, in fact the Spanish term for milkfish is sabalo falso or false tarpon. They average around 40 inches and the fish I saw were much bigger.

 About six years ago one of my captains brought a fish that weighed 37 lbs into the dock that caused quite a stir. He had never seen one before and said it jumped like crazy when the customer hooked it. I took one look at it and laughed. I thought to myself, a decade ago I wasn’t really crazy after all. My theory was that that tarpon had passed through the Panama Canal and somehow made their way up into the Pacific side of Costa Rica.

The Panama Canal almost didn’t get built. There was a big controversy as whether sea snakes from the Pacific would be able to pass through the canal and set up residence in Caribbean waters. A study finally showed they couldn’t make the passage through the canal because they do not enter freshwater and the canal was constructed. The same doesn’t hold true for varies types of fish. Snapper, snook, certain types of jacks and tarpon enter freshwater at will. Tarpon often travel from the Caribbean Sea all the way up the Rio San Juan and make camp in Lake Nicaragua.

Over the last few years my customers hook a few tarpon every year and have caught them over 125 lbs. My captains now know to release them if the angler is lucky enough to keep a hook in them long enough to get them boatside. It wasn’t until recently when locals starting catching small tarpon that I thought that there is no way these little guys are swimming all the way up here from the Canal Zone. They must be breeding in the Pacific as well.

I contacted Didiher Chacon, a marine biologist and President of Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Network (Widecast) in Costa Rica. Chacon did an extensive study on tarpon on the Caribbean side of the Costa Rica twenty years ago.

There are very few baby tarpon in the most popular fishing areas of the Caribbean side. The habitat is not available for juveniles. Down near the Panama border in the wetland estuaries he did find tarpon as small as two inches. He said the Pejeperro Lagoon is suitable habitat for juvenile tarpon. Tarpon larvae make their way from the ocean in to the mangrove estuary where they develop.
“The chance that someone carried those tarpon across the country and placed them in the lagoon is very slim.” He explained. “It is quite possible tarpon on breeding in the Pacific but it would take genetic sampling to be absolutely sure where they originated.” He went on to say the fish could be originally from the Costa Rica, Panama, or even the Venezuelan populations.

Wherever they’re from, it is exciting news.   

Crocodile Bay's famous Maria Soto and friends went 7 of 9 on Yellowfin Tuna and lost a close one to the sharp teeth of a wahoo. So, the next time Maria is a little slow with your Sushi order the reason could be that she's still on the boat CATCHING IT! Never underestimate our staff. Here are some photos from Maria's trip!

Maria Tuna

Maria Soto

tuna time

Tuna Anthony

Will Briegel
Will Briegel, Thomas Fees, Daniel Soto and First Mate Anthony Lee Santos bringing in a nice haul of Yellowfin Tuna Tuesday July 26th, 2011.

Todd Staley
Fishing Director
Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

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Yellowfin Tuna Action in June Keeps Crocodile Bay Anglers Knee Deep in Sashimi!

Costa Rica June Fishing Report
By Todd Staley
Fishing Director

Todd Staley Fishing Director Crocodile Bay Costa RicaCrocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica - June 16th
Charlie’s been hanging out in Puerto Jimenez. Charlie the tuna that is. The tuna bite started about 3 weeks ago when a school moved in with fish that ran from 40 to 200 lbs. Tim and Aaron Love (Pictured Below)from Florida took a boat load almost every day out as well as Richard Schreiner who managed a few sailfish also.


Yellowfin Tuna at Crocodile Bay Resort

Yesterday, Chris and Katt Amburgey had roosterfish and tuna on their “fishlist” and returned to the dock early after boating a couple roosters, 5 tuna, some mackerel and a big green tooth needlefish.

Costa Rica Tuna
There's nothing more we like to see than one of these right before dinner time!....get Charlie to the kitchen rapido!

Hey that's not a Bass!!! Bass fisherman Chris Amburgey from Arkansas is enjoying his temporary switch to Deep Sea Fishing.....we have some interesting critters in that salt water eh Chris?


Roosterfish Costa Rica
Happy Birthday! Katt catches the birthday RoosterFish she was after!

The sails have been playing hide and seek but tuna have been drawing the attention away from the sails. Inshore roosterfish are steady and some nice snapper have been hitting deep jig and cut bait. The blue water has been close to the beach and when that happens, wahoo start to surprise anglers fishing close to shore.


I fished in long pants for the first time in 20 years a couple weeks back when I participated in the “Manhattan Cup,” a striper and bluefish tournament out of New York City. Crocodile Bay was on of the sponsors for a fund raiser for The Fisherman's Conservation Association. Now I know why the colder it gets up north, the busier we get here. Mike Pizzi, one of our long returning guests organized a team and invited me to fish on his team. His father Ron had the secrect weapon for stripers. Tip your hook with Twizzlers, the licorice red candy. If I could find them down here I would try them on snapper.  

I thought we did pretty well. Terry Maltese’s 23 lb striper was the largest on our boat and we caught more than a dozen nice fish including what I was told were some monster blues. We fished the release division and even though we didn’t place in the tournament we had a good show.

Manhattan Cup

Wade Boggs Todd Staley
Todd Staley with MLB Great Wade Boggs

Running into several old Crocodile Bay friends in NYC was on of the best parts of the trip. Scott and Bill Paciello worked really hard to make the tournament a success and a memorial to the victims of 9/11. Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, former Boston and Yankee great as well as repeat customer of Crocodile Bay agreed with me that it was pretty chilly. I guess the last few years in Florida has thinned his blood.

The July & August marlin bite should be kicking off really soon and I’ll be happy to be chasing them…. In shorts!    

Todd Staley,
Crocodile Bay Resort,
Costa Rica



Crocodile Bay Costa Rica Fishing Report
May 10 - 2011

By Todd Staley
Fishing Director

We are in a lull between Easter break and summer vacation when families start pouring into Crocodile Bay. (A good time to take advantage of summer Costa Rica fishing specials). A patch of green water moved in with the currents slowing down the sailfish action, but some nice dorado and marlin were taken near the floating trunks the currents brought in.

Eloise “Weezy” Pizzi took her first short fishing trip with Mike and Ann Pizzi who are long time guests at Crocodile. Mike must be a guy who doesn’t mind being humbled. He will soon have another women in the family who catches more marlin than him!

Speaking of family fishing vacations - watch 10 year old B.T. Walker fight a monster sailfish during his vist with his father Brooks Walker!

It is amazing the eco-system that can be found under even a small tree trunk that has been floating long enough to grow barnacles. Ocean triggerfish and tripletail will be on the surface next to the log and bonitos, small tuna, and small sharks below. Almost always a marlin will be nearby. It really is just like the cartoon, with the little fish being chased by the bigger fish, being chased by the bigger fish, and on and on.


Golfo Dulce Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica Fishing Video

Drew Kelly brought down a group of industry people including George Large who is a lure designer for Yo-Zuri. He was testing a new lure expected to be available to the public later this year. The first time the lure got wet it wasn’t in the water 30 seconds and had a fish hooked up. He caught a variety of jacks and rooster a few other inshore species for a total fish count of over 30 for the day.

Crocodile Bay Sport Fishing New Lures

We had several other industry friends as well as some new friends down that showed why we are such a fun place to visit. The following pictures will tell that story.

costa rica fishing group

Boston WhalerOne group that always stands out is Boston Whaler and their generosity to the small town of Puerto Jimenez. This was their tenth trip to Crocodile Bay Resort. They always have a tournament and the daily winner always donates their prize money to a project in the community. They have put a new roof on the kindergarten, bought new desks for the first grade, camping equipment for the scouts as well as many other causes over the years.

This year they donated the money raised to Hoja de Osa School, a bilingual school in the form of a scholarship for a Costa Rican child whose family can’t afford this type of education. The small school of 33 students has ten children who because of the economic situation have lost their sponsors but the school decided to let them continue their education.

Hoja de Osa

Crocodile Bay has upped the ante as far has helping the school. We already sponsor two children at the school and see the great result and have decided that our customers can make a donation without reaching in their own pocket. Any customer making a direct booking for a vacation at Crocodile Bay can ask to have 10% of the cost of their trip (excluding travel) donated towards sponsorship of a Costa Rican child at Hoja de Osa school. An added bonus is that the school has the ability to apply for matching funds from CRUSA.

To learn more about Hoja de Osa School visit

CRUSA is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit organization in Costa Rica which has two key strategic directions: support for projects under its four areas of concern (environment, education, science and technology and strategic capacity), and management and promotion of long-range initiatives, partnerships and support networks.

CRUSA is headed by Ambassador Luis Diego Escalante and the organization has done wonderful things throughout Costa Rica. Please take a minute to look at their website at

a private foundation, Costa Rica, independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit, which has two key strategic directions: support for projects under its four areas of concern (environment, education, science and technology and strategic capacity), and management and promotion of long-range initiatives, partnerships and support networks.

With the aim of promoting sustainable development in Costa Rica, CRUSA donates funds from its endowment, but also uses its financial strength, credibility and administrative capacity to leverage resources from others and promote fund raising for projects and initiatives supported

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