A Sweet Treat that Can Also Heal! Coca is Costa Rica’s Treasure

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Cocoa Pods and Cocoa Beans

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Chocolate is the world’s first love and one of the most valuable cash crops on the international market, and not only is it great to eat but it is also a wonderful ingredient to include in your skincare regimen. Few people would think that so many uses could be gained from chocolate. Cocoa is an important crop for Costa Rica. It is a sustainable crop because it grows in tropical areas under heavy rainforest canopy and does not require clearing large areas to grow; it is a crop that fits in with Costa Rica’s micro farming. It was known as the “food of the gods” in ancient cultures. Continue reading…

Where to Travel in November: The Osa Peninsula is a Hotspot for Sport Fishing and Vacationing

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Fishing in the Osa Peninsula

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It is November and that means that Sailfish are peaking in the Osa Peninsula.  As winter approaches and much of the the east coast of the USA recovers from Hurricane Sandy, and prepares for another hit from a Nor’easter heading their way, many people may be wanting to just escape somewhere warm. It is time to take a vacation, if you can get away.  While the northeast experiences the direct consequences of climate change, it may be time to take a trip to one of the most environmentally responsible countries in the world, Costa Rica.  If you are in need of some cheering up, fun, sun and relaxation to recover from the devastating weather, a vacation to the happiest country in the world may be perfect destination. It is beautiful in the Osa Peninsula this time of year. Continue reading…

Wildlife Spotted in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula: Photo Blog of an Ecotour

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These photos of Costa Rica wildlife including endangered amphibians were taking during an ecotour by Crocodile Bay guests.  They capture the vast biodiversity that inhabits this small area.

Red Eyed Tree Frog

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

 Red Eyed Tree Frog of Costa Rica.

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Save The Frogs: Night Walking through Costa Rica’s Rainforest Spotting Endangered Frogs

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Red Eyed Tree Frog

Image Source: Thecostaricanews.com

A night jungle walking tour through Costa Rica’s rainforest is the prime time to spot amphibians, which are among the many endangered species as a result of climate change. Walking through the jungle guided by the tour you will spot many wild night critters of the jungle including endangered frogs such as the iconic Red Eyed Frog of Costa Rica whose population is rapidly decreasing. Unfortunately, scientists in recent years have pointed out that the rapid decline in amphibians is the canary in the coalmine. Costa Rica has seen more than 75% of amphibian species decline in the last 35 years and all signs point to climate change as the main culprit. Costa Rica holds 5% of the world’s biodiversity so rapid species decline in this small area poses a major threat to species worldwide and the stability of ecosystems. Continue reading…

Gone Fishing! Encounters with the Marine Life of the Osa Peninsula

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These Crocodile Bay guests headed out for a day of offshore fishing in the Osa Peninsula and here is what they caught:

Crocodile Bay Pier

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Early morning and Crocodile Day boats are ready to head offshore for fishing.

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Gone Fishin’! It’s November and Blue Marlin are Peaking in the Osa Peninsula

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Gone Fishing Sign

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November marks the beginning of the height of the fishing season for Marlin in Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Ocean.  If sport fishing is your thing and you want to get a break from the stormy cold weather now is the time to book a trip to warm sunny Osa Peninsula. Blue Marlin peak now through December.  The Peninsula is probably one of the most laid back places you can travel to for a vacation especially if you are looking to unplug and unwind. With the boom this year in Dorado, it is expected that the Marlin populations will be especially strong this season. It is time to ditch your phone and let the annoying callers go to voicemail while you go the tropics. Remember there is Caller ID to pick up the calls that actually matterContinue reading…

The Wild Playful Monkeys of Costa Rica: A Day at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many of endangered animals and plays an important role in protecting the wildlife of the Osa Peninsula especially the monkeys. Crocodile Bay guests take an ecotour of the sanctuary and get some monkey love.

Sanctuary Monkey

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Adorable Monkey form the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

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Celebrating 200 Million Years on Planet Earth: Sea Turtles one of Costa Rica’s Most Treasured Ecotours

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Swimming Sea Turtle

Image Source: Answersingenesis.org

In sunny Costa Rica  strong efforts are underway to continue to protect sea turtles. This small nation is the king of biodiversity and a leader in ecotourism. One of the many eco-tours available is taking time to visit the sea turtles of the Osa Peninsula. Osa Conservation has worked for a number of years to protect these amazing prehistoric creatures. Sea Turtle fossil records brings the age of these magnificent creatures to 200 million years ago making them some among the earth’s oldest living species. The Osa Peninsula is home to four different types of sea turtles including the leatherback. They are now critically endangered and there has been a surge among conservation groups to protect them from disappearing all together. Continue reading…

Heading Offshore for Another Fantastic Day of Sport Fishing: A Crocodile Bay Photo Blog

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Crocodile Bay guests venture out into the Pacific Ocean for a day of offshore fishing in the Osa Peninsula and bring in some dorado and roosterfish. Another sunny day in paradise.

Going Fishing

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Early morning and heading out the dock to get on the boat to go fishing.

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Fruit isn’t Just for Eating Anymore: The Cutting Edge of Spa Treatments and Skincare

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Costa Rica's Tropical Fruit

Image Source: Itsagreengreenworld.com

Spa treatments using fresh fruits and vegetables is a growing international trend. Clients are requesting more holistic and natural treatments, and luxury spas such as Crocodile Bay have been on the cutting edge of providing these services.  With an abundance of locally grown fruit, Costa Rica’s tropical environment is ideal for such treatments.  Besides, a massage and facial with fruit is a great way to unwind before dinner after a long day of offshore fishing or hiking in the rainforest.

Vitamins are the secret to youthful radiant skin. Not only do you want to eat your vitamins but applying them topically is loaded with benefits.  Fruits and vegetables have been used throughout the ages for skincare, and while most of us are use to applying things that come in a jar to our skin, you can also go straight to the produce aisle. Of course, great skin starts with eating right but a topical treatment could give your skin that extra boost it needs to really glow.  Continue reading…