Protecting Eden on Earth: Ecotourism is Big Business in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Aerial
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This week a New York Times editorial by a former climate change skeptic confirmed climate change is real and humans are the chief culprits. Yes, global warming is a real threat, scientists are speaking out, and already many cultures are suffering the impacts of climate change. As the climate crisis escalates, necessity drives the growing international popularity of sustainable development. Costa Rica’s ecotourism industry is a sustainable development model that emerging economies can learn from.  Continue reading

Escape and Unplug: Inshore Fishing in Costa Rica

Golfo Dulce at the Mouth of Rio Platanares, Puerto Jimenez
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Drake Bay, Matapalo, Puerto Jimenez and 
Golfito are hot spots for inshore fishing on the Pacific side of southern Costa Rica. A favorite getaway spot for international travelers and anglers, this region remains virtually untouched by large-scale tourists. With rainforests, pristine beaches and wildlife reserves, you can get lost here for days. You can unplug here and escape the hectic daily grind of urban life while enjoying world-class fishing in one of the most pristine places on earth.

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Catch and Release: Big Business and Big Fun

Catch and Release: Hooked A Sailfish
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Costa Rica is a world leader in developing and implementing catch and release fishing. The efforts of both conservationists and anglers with the support of resorts fosters a prosperous ecotourism industry. Catch and release fishing plays a critical part in the continued success of this industry. Continue reading

Diving With Sharks: Exploring Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

White Reef Shark
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Lurking under the surface of the pristine warm turquoise waters off Cano Island is Costa Rica’s best diving site. A dive here promises that you will spot a shark or two but don’t worry these sharks are of the mild variety. Located 13 miles off the coast of Drake Bay and accessible by boat, the island has empty sandy white beaches and waters teeming with life. Everything here lives under the sea where fish of every color dart around the coral reefs surrounding the reserve. Visibility is excellent and averages about 65-feet. The warm cerulean waters offer an undistorted view into the vast marine life below.

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Corcovado National Park: Where Adventure Meets Sustainable Development and Conservation

Waterfall in Corcovado National Park
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Exploring the Osa Peninsula this week brings us to the pinnacle of biodiversity in Costa Rica, Corcovado National Park, which is home to the mangroves explored yesterday. The park covers one-third of the Osa Peninsula. With 13 major ecosystems including lowland rainforest, highland cloud forest, jolillio palm forest, mangrove swamps, and coastal and marine habitats, this park is unlike any other place in the world. With its multitude of ecosystems and species, it is the outdoor adventure of a lifetime or maybe even a romantic place to consider having a non-traditional eco friendly wedding or honeymoon. Here sustainable development and conservation efforts have created a destination spot for both the amateur and the most experienced traveler.

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Paddling Through Golfo Dulce’s Mystical Mangroves


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Yesterday, we explored one of Costa Rica’s most treasured places, the G0lfo Dulce. Part of what makes the area so special is its rich mangrove forest, which is a vital part of this magnificent diverse ecosystem. Whether taking a kayak ecotour or boating through the swampy rivers to fish, it is worth taking the time to take a breath and really absorb this incredible habitat. Paddling through the gentle winding waterways by kayak is a favorite way to see the mangroves and experience the incredible biodiversity.

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Discovering a Costa Rica Sweet Spot: Golfo Dulce

Image Source: Golfito, Costa Rica

Looking to escape to the world of Jurassic Park in real life? Consider traveling to Golfo Dulce, located between the Osa Peninsula and Costa Rica’s south Pacific coast. With one of only three tropical forest estuaries in the world, it is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Gulfo Dulce receives tropical runoff from eight rivers (the Platanares, Tigre, Agujas, Barrigones, Conte, Rincon, Esquinas, and the Coto) into a confined embayment without ocean currents, creating low surface-salinity levels which makes it a fresh-water gulf. With an abundance of wildlife and sea life, the biodiversity here is unlike any other place in the world.

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To Catch A Marlin Head To The Osa Peninsula

Blue Marlin
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Located on the southern most part of the pacific in Costa Rica is the Osa Pensinula. It offers pristine secluded beaches, warm waters, excellent resorts and some of the best sport fishing in the world. With plentiful numbers of sailfish and marlin, the abundance of billfish has made this area a famous and favored spot by world-class anglers.  It is no surprise it has become a top destination vacation for sport fishermen.

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Costa Rica Fishing Report July 2012, Crocodile Bay Resort Costa Rica

Above, PENN Fishing’s Hunter Cole exults in his first tuna of the trip and in the flawless performance of the new Penn Spinfisher V series.

The marlin were not present for the PENN Media Summit held here at Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica, where Penn Tackle introduced their brand new Spinfisher V  model spinning gear which is the strongest spinning gear made to date.

Coastal Angler’s Charlie McCullough was the life of the party on
and off the boat. Nice Rooster Charlie!

blair Wickstrom
SaltWater Sportsman’s Blair Wickstrom with a nice tuna

PENN’s new SpinFisher V…one word..AWESOME!

Sport Fishing Magazine’s Doug Olander

The writers did get a true test of the gear as the yellowfin tuna schooled offshore every day and fish in the 30 to 60 pound range kept them busy. The marlin are a little late this year, maybe due to lack of rain or they are just waiting for this moon to pass. Private sportfishing boats that have been camping overnight at 60 to 70 miles report lots of marlin so their arrival is expected soon.

Costal Angler, Florida Sportsman, On the Water, Saltwater Sportsman, Sport Fishing, The Fisherman, Western Outdoor News,, and were some of the media represented. Thanks to John Bartow, Hunter Cole, Mike Rice and the rest of the Penn crew everyone had a good time.

The inshore fishing continues to produce roosterfish and a few snapper. John Brownlee filming a show for Saltwater Sportsman TV brought in an 80 amberjack on the new Penn gear.
I want to thank Tab and Sonia Betsworth for the photos of the trip…. Nice fish

Todd Staley
Fishing Director
Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Fishing Report, June 2012

Links to Crocodile Fishing Report Archives 2001 to 2011

Crocodile Bay Fishing Report – June 2012
By Will Briegel (filling in for Todd Staley, Fishing Director)

Summer Sizzles Inshore this June at Crocodile Bay Resort Costa Rica!

Amberjack Grande

Will Briegel Costa RicaJune  has literally been on fire inshore this year with the fireballs in the shape of bright orange cubera snapper plucking poppers from the water like a bunch of kids snatching candy from a plummeting Piñata.

The sailfish have been sticking around in small but consistent numbers this first week in June as witnessed by several of our boats releasing at LEAST one this past week. Two days ago the White family went 4/8 on sailfish and then were rewarded inshore with a large roosterfish and other species.

The Week in Fishing at CROCODILE BAY, COSTA RICA
The real story has been the sheer variety of fish being released inshore. Amberjack, African Pompano, Cubera snapper to 30lbs, roosterfish to 70lbs, snook to 30lbs,  sierra mackerel, and of course one of my favorite fighters, the misunderstood  and highly underrated Jack! Offshore has seen  just about everything this week including sailfish, dorado and yellowfin tuna 30 to 50lbs. We’re pretty sure that list will include some marlin as we near July and August.

Costa Rica Sook

Costa Rica Sport Fishing Crocodile Bay
Joe Vicic and Brian Verba. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys on the 45 minute flight down from Costa Rica’s Capital city San Jose to Crocodile Bay. Some people you just get along with right off the bat and have a feeling they’re going to do well. Verba was vision rambling about sailfish and marlin while Vicic kept his expectations in check and said he would just be happy to get out on the boat and catch some snapper. YEAH RIGHT! The pair turned out to be to be an uncle and nephew duo from Ohio and California celebrating a double birthday with a world class fishing trip.
Roosterfish Costa Rica

Their first day inshore fishing must have been like watching an episode of American Pickers as they plucked various undersea species like snapper from their holes on the volcanic basalt bottom of the coast.

Rooster wrangling was next as they hooked a variety of large gallos(roosterfish) from the current lines while live bait trolling. The next few days was more of the same with one offshore day where they raised and released sailfish and caught huge Amberjack and Dorado.

Costa Rica Rock Snapper
Rock snapper taken shore casting off playa preciosa!

Costa Rica Rica fishing

To our delight, we learned that Joe Vicic owns his own custom fly rod shop King Fisher Pacific Co. and puts out one of the strongest and  lightest fly rods on the market.

Check out his site for more info. These light rods are excellent for travel given weight restrictions on small flights!

Time to plan your summer fishing or adventure vacation!
June through September are excellent months to visit Crocodile Bay  for a variety of reasons. On the sport fishing front, July ushers in the beginning of the mighty Black Marlin season (based on historically  good opportunities in July and August). Black marlin can give anglers the fight of their lives and can make a showing any day in July through Sept.

August and September almost always offer guests a  chance to view  humpback whales on their annual migratory run from the southern hemisphere. They utilize the deep, protected waters of Crocodile Bay’s home, the Golfo Dulce (sweet gulf) to teach their young to hunt and dive.

Costa Rica Humpback Whale


Double Jack no Coke

Great  inshore fishing is just the beginning!
A lot of folks just don’t seem to realize that sport fishing is just the tip of the sailfish at Crocodile Bay, Costa Rica. Our unique geographical location on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula allows your non fishing friends or spouses to enjoy exciting or relaxing eco tours in the surrounding area which is the most ecologically diverse place in ALL of Costa Rica. Enjoy exciting zip-line tours through Costa Rica’s rainforest canopy, walk to or rappel from giant waterfalls, take our mountain bikes or kayaks out for a spin, and enjoy Costa Rica’s best surfing – and whatever you do, don’t miss a visit to our 5,000 square foot luxury Spa rated as one of the best in the country – with over 25 treatments you won’t regret it (including one massage especially for anglers after a long day fighting with a BIG fish!)

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Special Note: Welcome aboard to our newest fishing specialist in our California Sales office Brian Wong. Brian specializes in all kinds of salt water fishing techniques and is happy to field fishing questions and help you plan your dream Costa Rica fishing vacation.
See you this summer at Crocodile Bay Resort!

Will Briegel filling in for Todd Staley
Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica