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Crocodile Bay Resort Costa Rica Eco Tours – The Lizard King



Carpe Noctem! Seize the Night – (Photo by Dennis Attencio)

Crocodile Bay Resort offers thirty of Costa Rica’s most popular Costa Rica eco tours.  A guest favorite is our jungle night walk where visitors will witness a staggering variety of wildlife. From red-eyed tree frogs and snakes to nocturnal mammals, you will be amazed to see the jungle come to life after the sun sets. If you’re really brave we also offer a night zip-line canopy tour.

Caminar en la noche en el bosque es toda una aventura, nuestra visión tal vez se reduce pero gracias a una linterna o foco podemos observar a nuestro alrededor en pequeños segmentos y así escanear de forma más detallada hojas, ramas, troncos…. y verán una gran actividad de vida salvaje pequeña que trabaja sin parar toda la noche y otros descansando para estar listo en el día como éste amigo, el

“perro sompopo ”
Casque-headed Lizard
Corytophanes cristatus.
Lugar: Eco turístico la Tarde
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Costa Rica Fishing Report October 31st, 2013

Monster Marlin, Sailfish, Roosterfish, and Dorado provide our first guests of the season with “plenty of monsters”!

Monster Marlin at Crocodile Bay Resort Fishing
Sergey Chmykhov and Mikhail Fedyushkin Land a Monster at Crocodile Bay!

Costa Rica Fishing Report Happy Halloween! This week we kicked off our 15th season of sport fishing and adventure at Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica, and the monster fish showed up to celebrate Halloween. Our first group from Russia scored big on opening day (Sunday) bringing in three pacific blue marlin (150lbs, 250lbs, and 400+lbs – Photos courtesy Sergey Chmykhov and Mikhail Fedyushkin), six yellowfin tuna (Sashimi treats), dorado, and roosterfish inshore. If that’s not enough to make you “howl”, we had Sean Harrell (from our home office in California) and his friend Elizabeth down and they delivered “terror” inshore releasing 6 roosterfish and a bagging a bright orange cubera snapper that lit up like a pumpkin when it hit.

Yesterday one of our groups from Ireland went 3 for 6 on sailfish (another offshore boat produced the same numbers)landing one sailfish and one dorado on the fly. The only “trick” so far has been the weather. Historically the end of October can be “wet” as we transition from our rainy season into the dry and sunny Costa Rican summer season. The sun is shining and has been all week!We have yet to see what new monsters will be caught and released this afternoon! Have a fun and SAFE halloween. We hope to see you soon at Crocodile Bay Resort catching some “monsters” of your own.

Fort Lauderdale Boat ShowIf you’re in the Fort Lauderdale area, please come by the 54th Annual Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show and visit our booth. We are located in fishing village 6 between Hatteras and Viking Yachts!

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Photos from Crocodile Bay’s 15th Season Opener

Monster Marlin and other fish

Crocodile Bay Resort


Sean Harrell
Sean Harrell from our California office enjoying some inshore fishing!


See you soon in Costa Rica

Will Briegel
Crocodile Bay Resort
Puerto Jimenez, Osa PeninsulaCosta Rica


Costa Rica Fishing – Blue Marlin Bite Continues in July at Crocodile Bay Resort

Kneuker Family lands 300lb Blue Marlin, Sailfish and Dorado! Nice (22 photos)
Great Day on the water for the Kneucker Family! Great job Colin, Dillon, and Mike! — Costa Rica Fishing at Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica (Photo B
Pacific Blue Marlin 250-300lbs – Costa Rica Fishing at Crocodile Bay Resort
Costa Rica Fishing inshore for roosterfish!

Discovering the Wonders of Micro-Farming: Ecotour of a Costa Rica Tilapia Farm

A photo blog of a Crocodile Bay ecotour of a Tilapia Farm in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. This farm in an example of the popular micro-farming taking place throughout Costa Rica’s rainforest. A sustainable farming technique that has minimal impact on the ecosystem.  Most of these farms include the highly profitable Cocoa tree as one of their crops. Tilapia is a very popular Costa Rica fish.

Costa Rica Tilapia Pond
Image Source:

The tilapia pond found on the farm.

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Encounters with the Many Fish of Costa Rica: Sport Fishing off the Pacific Coast

These Crocodile Bay guests went offshore fishing for a day and caught a diversity of fish in the Pacific Ocean. The waters of the Osa Peninsula are abundant!

Headed out to the open waters of the Pacific Ocean to go fishing
Image Source:

Sport fishermen headed offshore into the open waters for a day of fishing! Continue reading Encounters with the Many Fish of Costa Rica: Sport Fishing off the Pacific Coast