Gone Fishing! Encounters with the Marine Life of the Osa Peninsula

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These Crocodile Bay guests headed out for a day of offshore fishing in the Osa Peninsula and here is what they caught:

Crocodile Bay Pier

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Early morning and Crocodile Day boats are ready to head offshore for fishing.

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Gone Fishin’! It’s November and Blue Marlin are Peaking in the Osa Peninsula

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Gone Fishing Sign

Image Source: Professionalchicks.wordpress.co

November marks the beginning of the height of the fishing season for Marlin in Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Ocean.  If sport fishing is your thing and you want to get a break from the stormy cold weather now is the time to book a trip to warm sunny Osa Peninsula. Blue Marlin peak now through December.  The Peninsula is probably one of the most laid back places you can travel to for a vacation especially if you are looking to unplug and unwind. With the boom this year in Dorado, it is expected that the Marlin populations will be especially strong this season. It is time to ditch your phone and let the annoying callers go to voicemail while you go the tropics. Remember there is Caller ID to pick up the calls that actually matterContinue reading…

The Wild Playful Monkeys of Costa Rica: A Day at the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

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The Osa Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many of endangered animals and plays an important role in protecting the wildlife of the Osa Peninsula especially the monkeys. Crocodile Bay guests take an ecotour of the sanctuary and get some monkey love.

Sanctuary Monkey

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Adorable Monkey form the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary

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Celebrating 200 Million Years on Planet Earth: Sea Turtles one of Costa Rica’s Most Treasured Ecotours

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Swimming Sea Turtle

Image Source: Answersingenesis.org

In sunny Costa Rica  strong efforts are underway to continue to protect sea turtles. This small nation is the king of biodiversity and a leader in ecotourism. One of the many eco-tours available is taking time to visit the sea turtles of the Osa Peninsula. Osa Conservation has worked for a number of years to protect these amazing prehistoric creatures. Sea Turtle fossil records brings the age of these magnificent creatures to 200 million years ago making them some among the earth’s oldest living species. The Osa Peninsula is home to four different types of sea turtles including the leatherback. They are now critically endangered and there has been a surge among conservation groups to protect them from disappearing all together. Continue reading…