Marlin Catches Topping 300 lbs: Good Omen For Sport Fishing in the Osa Peninsula in 2013

Sport Fishing for Marlin in 2013
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It looks like it is going to be a fantastic sport fishing season for billfish this year, and inshore fishing is also exceptionally strong. Earlier this year, the strong Dorado populations signaled that this would be a great year to catch a marlin. It looks like the good omen is panning out to be true. We are several weeks into the billfish season and already a 350 lb marlin has been caught in the Southern Pacific Ocean by a Crocodile Bay guest.  Anglers flocking to Costa Rica right now for the high season of sport fishing for billfish are in luck!

Crocodile Bay Angler Releasing Marlin
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Every year anglers come here from all over the world to enjoy some of the best sport fishing to be found anywhere. Marlin catches this year average between 200 and 300 lbs. Also strong are the Roosterfish with 60 lb catches.  Inshore catches are averaging 40 lb fro amberjack, snapper and jack as well as strong blue trevally population.  The waters are teaming with fish. You are pretty much guaranteed to have a good catch in large part thanks to the strong sustainable fishing practices in these waters.

Arctic ice melting

Sustainable fishing practices has a lot to do with why the fishing populations are so strong this year combined with the warmer waters producing more food for the fish creating stronger populations. UNEP emphasizes the significance of enforcing sustainable fishing practices to ensure the health of the oceans.  They are also concerned about rising ocean temperatures resulting from human induced climate change, which threatens fishing populations.  Costa Rica’s plan to be running on 100% renewable energy is on track. Climate change is reaching a crisis as signaled by this summer’s alarming arctic sea melt. As Hurricane Sandy foreshadowed, time is running out to advert disaster.  Slowing rising temperatures and returning to climate stability insures the survival of not only marine life but also all life. The more countries that move to renewables and individual reduce their carbon footprint, the better chances are that our children will actually be able to fish in these waters.  We must work together to halt climate change before it becomes a run away train.

In the meantime, enjoy fishing this season in Costa Rica. If you have not yet booked your winter trip now is the time to do it. The billfish season will be strong through January and Costa Rica is a very festive place to spend New Year’s Eve. Think about ringing in 2014 in this tropical paradise.  You can fish by day and celebrate at night at an ec0-friendly luxury resort that offers some of the best fishing in the world.


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