Tips to Get the Most Out of You Next Sport Fishing Trip

Angler Fishing in Cota Rica
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When booking a fishing trip to Costa Rica or any destination doing your homework and being prepared is key to a successful trip! Often travelers show up at their destination without having talked to the people that will be taking them out on the waters and learning about the particulars of their destination. By really being prepared you can ensure that you get the most out of your vacation and that it is successful.

Sport Fishing Costa Rica
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Costa Rica is known for game fishing with so many world records set here, it is place professional international anglers, as well as newbies visit every for excellent big game fishing. Heading out on a boat in the early morning hours before dawn when the waters are quiet and the sun is just peaking up over the horizon puts you in a fishing state of mind. It is a mesmerizing experience being out on the open water and catching a marlin, sailfish or dorado. By being prepared so you can truly enjoy the magical experience.

Sailfish Jumping in the waters of Costa Rica
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Research is key to the success of any vacation. Talk to the captain before arriving at your fishing destination or even better talk to the captain before booking the trip to make sure he has the level of expertise and knowledge that you are looking for. You want inquire about the details of the types of boats, equipment, fishing methods supported, and level of fluency in English for the crew.

Once you are on the ship, connect with the crew. Fishing is a team effort, and we are all on the water to have fun and get the best catch. Be honest with the crew about your level of experience and expertise so they can provide you with the best possible support. They are there to help you and to ensure that you have a great fishing trip.

Anticipating the next move of your prey can mean the difference between a missed fish or sharing a beautiful dance with a sailfish. Be alert on the water and let the fish lead you to reeling him in.

Know the Culture– Understanding the specific methods used locally before arriving is important. Bringing an open mind to the fishing experience and being willing to adapt to the local culture methods is important. First, because they have been fishing these waters much longer and can share their knowledge with you and second, by having a beginners mind you open yourself up to learning and becoming a better sport fishermen from the experience.

The “bait and switch” method of trolling for billfish is the method used by most captains in Costa Rica. Catch and ReleaseCosta Rica fishing laws require the use of circle hooks with live or dead bait. This ensures a successful catch and release.

Crocodile Bay caters to the anglers and helping you have the best trip possible.  If you choose to stay with us, please call prior to your arrival and answer any of your questions.  Our captains are happy to talk with you. Also, if you are planning to enter a tournament Sport Fishing magazine has some great tips.


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