By Land or By Sea: Kayaking and Mountain Biking in the Osa Peninsula are Great Activities for a Family Vacation

Family Vacation in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula
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When planning a family vacation finding the right activities that keep your kids out of mischief and that even the adults can enjoy are key to a successful vacation. Mountain biking and kayaking are two great day activities that everyone can do and no one will be bored!  You can explore the rustic countryside and rainforest by bike or travel along one of the many waterways in this region. Either way you are guaranteed to spot lots of wildlife ranging from white-faced monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, alligators, dolphins and whales just to name a few. You can also gauge the difficulty and length of the trek to suit your experience level and your family needs. Every family has different needs finding a a hotel or resort that can cater to your needs and  provide your family with the best experience is a critical factor when deciding where to stay.

Family Mountain Biking in Costa Rica
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The Osa Peninsula is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, and mountain biking is a great way to explore the area.  You can cover more terrain in a shorter amount of time than when your are hiking getting to see more of the local area. On a Trek Mountain Bike you can explore the coastline or the forest or do a variation of both. This area has many different options for biking so you can really personalize your trip to meet your your needs and easily adjust the difficulty of the ride to suit your level. With the rolling hills, back roads, rustic casitas and rancheros, it is a great way to see the stunning countryside of Costa Rica. You can also take a trip that winds around the coastline stopping for lunch to have a picnic on the beach. There are many different variations and paths you can choose for your ride. If you are a more experienced biker taking a trip deep into the rougher and tougher terrain of the forest and back country.  You are guaranteed to spot all sorts of wildlife on the trek. Biking is something you can do in a group and if you are traveling with your family over the holidays, biking is a great family friendly day outing in Costa Rica.

Family Kayaking in Costa Rica
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If you want to explore Costa Rica by sea, kayaking is a another great activity that the whole family can also take part in. Kayaking tends to be a bit more leisurely than biking. You can organize a fairly challenging kayaking trip up the Sierpe River. It is probably one of the most stunning places in this region because of the dramatic changes the river’s ecosystem undergoes the further upstream you go, and the diversity of wildlife. You can also take an easier boating trip along the peninsula where you can do some whale and dolphin watching. Sunset kayaking trips on the ocean are another great way to explore the waters.  This time of day competes with dawn for being one of the most peaceful times on the water, and it is easier than getting the children up before dawn!

Family Vacation with young children in the Osa Peninsula
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Traveling with children can be difficult if you are not prepared. So planning your vacation activities ahead of time is a great way to insure that you get the most out of your trip.  Crocodile Bay can help you plan out your trip to cater to the specific needs of your family. Regardless of whether you are traveling with children or not, taking time to personalize your vacation is a great way to make sure that you get the most out of your trip. It helps to insure that you will have a real opportunity to bond with loved ones. Oh and as an FYI, if your kids are the real adventuresome curious types, mountain biking and kayaking keeps them engaged in an activity and out of mischief. A big sigh of relief for any parent chasing down an eight year old. And one last thought, consider unplugging and making it a gadget free vacation this holiday so you can really engage with your children without any distractions.


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