A Traveler’s Adventure in the Osa Peninsula

A Crocodile Bay guest shares photos from his vacation here in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Secluded Shoreline on the Osa Peninsula
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Secluded shoreline on the Osa Peninsula. A  magical spot!

Kayaking through the Costa Rica Rainforest
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Kayaking on a river through the Costa Rica Rainforest.

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

“Life’s A Wave:” Sign leading down to a beach in the Osa Peninsula.

View of the Pacific Ocean from the beach
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

View of the Pacific Ocean from the peninsula.

Costa Rica Crocodile approaches shore
Image Source: Osa Peninsula

Big Surprise! Costa Rica crocodile approaches the beach and surprises this guest!

Cost Rica Crocodile
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Smile for the camera! Costa Rica crocodile up close and too personal!

Costa Rica Canopy Tour
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

A Costa Rica Canopy Tour on a zip line really gives you a bird’s eye view of the rainforest!

End of the Canopy Tour
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Approaching the end of the Canopy Tour on the zip line.

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