Playing in the Turquoise Waters: Surfing in Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean

A Crocodile Bay guest’s photos from a day of surfing off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

View of Pacific Ocean from the beach at Crocodile Bay
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¬†View of Costa Rica’s crystal blue Pacific Ocean from the beach at Crocodile Bay.

Surfer catches a wave in along the Southern Pacific Coast
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Surfer catches a small break off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

Bird Spotted by Surfer in Costa Rica
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Bird flying overhead while we sit on our boards waiting for the next break in the Pacific Ocean.

Canoe in the Pacific Ocean
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Dawn along the Osa Peninsula and a canoe is anchored in the Pacific Ocean by some snorkelers getting an early start on the day.

Surfer takes a fall into the Pacific Ocean
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Surfer wipes out on this wave!

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