These Are A Few of My Favorite Things: Surfing and Fishing in Costa Rica’s Legendary Matapalo

Matapalo Costa Rica
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When one thinks of Costa Rica two things pop into most minds: surfing and fishing and for both Matapalo is a paradise. With dreamy images of sandy deserted beaches, open waters, sunny days and removed from the hectic life of modern day civilization. It’s remoteness, laid back culture, biodiversity makes it an excellent spot to unwind and rejuvenate. Matapalo is located on the southern tip of the Osa Peninsula in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It is a pristine environment that is a hideaway for surfers and anglers. It is difficult to access and the best way to get there is by taking a boat across the peninsula for a day trip. Here you will spot monkeys climbing in jungle trees along the beach and an abundance of other wildlife. It attracts an international crowd of anglers and surfers every year.

Yellowfin Tuna Caught in the Osa Peninsula
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The offshore and inshore fishing is excellent. This area holds the world record for the biggest Pacific Cubera. It is also plentiful with sailfish; you can expect to catch up to 12 a day, as well as yellow fin tuna, wahoo, dorado, and king mackerel. You can fish off the beach or go offshore into the deep waters. This area is also known to be well-populated with sharks and an excellent location to spot whales and dolphins. With very little in terms of restaurants, shops and stores, it is about as bare bones as you can get and you really are on the edge of civilization here. It is great to get some fishing in to catch your dinner for the night, which you can grill over a fire but bring a cooler of supplies with you if you decide to stay overnight.

Surfing Matapalo
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There are three spots to surf in Matapalo. There are two world-class right point breaks. Only experts should attempt to surf these breaks. There is also a cloud break type right that only breaks on the biggest swells, and Pan Dulce is a much smaller and more mellow beach break, which is best for long boarding. One thing is for certain though, surfing Matapalo is not for the newcomer. Here you will find world-class surfers who come here just for this break.  However, the surf is inconsistent so surfers can spend a lot of time waiting for that swell. It is important to make sure you have the proper gear and attire when traveling to some of the more remote spots in Costa Rica like Matapalo. Sturdy walking shoes, sunblock, a light rain jacket, and hat are among the things to put on your list. Also, if you are headed to the area and only have a day or two, check the surf reports before heading to Matapalo in hopes of surfing the legendary breaks.

Playa Matapalo
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Crocodile Bay takes guests out to Matapalo on a regular basis for either fishing or surfing trips by boat.  It is also accessible by car but road access is rough.  There are year round residents who live in this town many of whom are expatriates and surfers. It has a quiet off the beaten path kind of feel to it and because tourists do not overrun it it maintains its local relaxed vibe. This is the place to come if you want to escape and play things low key. There are probably few places in the world that can rival Costa Rica as a travel destination spot.  There is something here for everyone. and there are many other activities to enjoy when visiting Matapalo. If you can, it is worth staying overnight, which  gives you a chance to really explore this place.


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