A Sportfishermen’s Hunt for a Marlin

This Crocodile Bay guest headed offshore in the Osa Peninsula for a day of sport fishing in hopes of catching a Marlin in the beautiful Southern Pacific Ocean.

Marlin Jumping
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Marlin spotted a few hundred feet from boat jumping high in the air. What a beauty!

Hunter and Marlin Fighting
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Sport fisherman and marlin engaged in a tug of war…who will win?

Black Marlin
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Reeling in a Black Marlin…looks like we go him! Will it be a successful Sport fishing day?

Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Well the Marlin got a way but I did catch a Dorado. Guess what’s for dinner?

Dorado caught sportfishing in Costa Rica
Image Source: Crocodilebay.com

Back at the dock…Dorado for dinner sounds good to me!


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